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Client Onboarding

  • Submit merchants to a growing list of compatible processors.

Residual Income Calculation

  • Use residual income formulas that calculate payouts in minutes.

Electronic Signature

  • Increase your new deal count through a frictionless onboarding experience.

Helpdesk System

  • Improve customer satisfaction, solve customer issues faster.

Engaging User Experience

  • Our interface is as easy and engaging as your favorite social network.

Mobile Access to Your Vital Data

  • Improve sales force productivity by always being connected.


Residual Income Reporting
Direct Merchant Boarding
Merchant Reporting
Daily Transaction Data
Integrated Dialer CRM
External Calendar Export
Lead Reporting
White Labeled Merchant Portal
Customizable Email Templates
Appointment Scheduling
Proposal Generator
Email & SMS Notifications
Integration Via Web Service API
E-Signature via EchoSign
Internal Help Desk
Contract Management System


Jason Wright

IRIS is far and away the best business management tool in the marketplace today. After evaluating multiple CRM's over the course of several years, my company's needs were not fully met until we partnered with IRIS. Dimitri and his team at IRIS understand the day to day needs of the ISO community. That experience and understanding is not only evident in the excellent technical and customer service they provide but it truly is what elevates IRIS above all other CRM's in our industry.

William Adam Boyd

I couldn't be happier with our decision to use IRIS. Everyone took the time to explain the system during training and was available for follow-up questions. The staff is prompt and very knowledgeable. Our closing ratio has increased by 300% and I owe it all to the team at IRIS!

Brenda Pacheco

I want you to know the webinar we had was wonderful. We were asked the right questions which showed IRIS cared about our business. I can tell you the other vendors did not. Your product was great and the attention you paid to us goes a long way in the decision making process.

Chad Horal

IRIS is a very user-friendly CRM that has made communication with our sales reps much easier. As our needs have changed, IRIS has helped us adapt the system to meet those needs. Most recently being the processing of our residuals. IRIS has even helped us service our Agent Bank in a more professional and convenient way.

David Anderson

Selecting the right CRM for our company was extremely important to us. We selected IRIS due to the functionality, ease of use, available API’s and customer service and support. IRIS has made managing our business easier and allowed us to be more organized. Not only has IRIS helped us internally, but IRIS has allowed lead generation to flow more efficiently from different APIs they offer. IRIS has helped us in all aspects including administrative, sales, and management. IRIS also offers excellent support to our office and they are continuously adding more features that are extremely beneficial.

Lamont Mitchell

Very user-friendly and customizable according to the needs. Finding your data cannot be quicker than in IRIS with the general search function. All basic functionality like leads, opportunities, companies, contact persons and e-mails are very easy and quick to create and find in a very flexible way. I started my business 1998 and this is a must-have for a sales organization to grow their business in the current payment processing space.

Brandon Skinner

Finally a CRM that is truly customized and a perfect fit for our business. We have tried numerous different CRMs none of which come close to being able to offer the customized tools for what our business truly needs to thrive in the merchant services space. The people there are great as well. When people ask what it takes to be successful in this industry making sure they have IRIS is one of the first things I make sure to mention.


IRIS has really helped our operation streamline the entire life cycle of merchant services. From lead generation to esignatures, workflows and help tickets, processing stats and reporting tools, it really does it all! Having one system for multiple banks makes it easy for us to keep track of the business coming in and maintain current customers. The IRIS team is always there to help and listen to suggestions that may support growth. Most of all they are friendly and kind every step of the way. I would recommend IRIS to any ISO.

Steve Bagley

We have been very pleased with IRIS CRM on many fronts. We migrated over to IRIS from another CRM/Reporting system because of IRIS CRM’s functionality for better residual and lead reporting, customized lead forms that we could build to meet our specific needs, lead tracking, communication from IRIS CRM to our field reps, cost structure, etc. – the list goes on! The support has been superb, timely and in-depth. IRIS CRM has an expansive offering that will meet any ISOs needs, regardless of size, and they keep adding relevant functionality which tells us they are the real player in the industry.

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