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CRM, operations, support, residual calculations and more. IRIS CRM helps you grow.

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Automate residual calculations and spend more time selling, not on spreadsheets.

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Board More Merchants With TurboApp

We call it TurboApp for a reason. Submit your applications in minutes, error free.

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Smart Reporting

Lower Attrition

Grow your portfolio and keep your hard earned merchants longer by using smart reports and notifications.

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Why Are People Still Using Outlook in 2019?

Outlook is still one of, if not the most popular email tools being used in offices. That might seem confusing to Google and Apple users, to whom Outlook might seem like an outdated application. And, to be fair, Outlook has been around for a long, long time, and it didn’t always have the greatest reputation…

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Residual Income Definition – What Are Residuals and Why Are They So Important to Independent Sales Organizations?

Residuals are the lifeblood of independent sales organizations, and understandably, ISOs and agents alike have a vested interest in ensuring the health and consistent growth of their residual portfolios. But residuals aren’t straightforward, and new agents and ISO employees often lack a clear picture of exactly what residuals are or how they impact ISOs and…

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Is Your ISO Looking for a Paysafe CRM? IRIS CRM is the Leader in Paysafe Customer Resource Management

Paysafe is a global leader in electronic payment processing, providing services to merchants all over the globe, both direct and through independent sales organizations like yours. Their robust set of merchant solutions makes them a popular choice for both online and in-store processing, and more recently, even in-game payments. Partnered ISOs reselling Paysafe’s services benefit…

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Check out the latest IRIS CRM Daily Bulletin! Thanks to @klaussteven @DataHubUSA @ExpoRegtech #sales #business

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Check out the latest IRIS CRM Daily Bulletin! Thanks to @MohamedFayed @PetraBusch_ @WilsonOrnithSoc #ainews #fintech

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The sales process is one key area in which being better than the competition is crucial, and the following four tip…

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