12 Magnetic Ways to Generate Leads with Your Facebook Bot

Marketers design website landing page forms to collect emails to grow their marketing lists.

Sadly, landing pages are donkeys. Between 1% and 5% of people who visit a web page will typically convert by completing a form and submitting their info.

Facebook Messenger offers an incredible unicorn advantage of instant lead capture from 100% of new contacts.

That means you can explode your lead volume simply by moving your traffic-driving efforts from your website landing pages to your Messenger lead magnets.

Today I want to show you 8 remarkable lead magnets built right into MobileMonkey’s Facebook Messenger marketing automation platform.

We’ll take a closer look at MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger lead magnets and combine them with a few powerful strategies:

  1. Facebook Comment Guard Autoreplies
  2. Use Your Messenger Bot as Your Website Chat
  3. Run Click-to-Messenger Ads Targeting Your Email List
  4. Run Click-to-Messenger Ads Targeting Page Fans/Engagers
  5. Use Click-to-Messenger Ads with a Coupon Code Remarketing to Site Visitors
  6. Create a Messenger Landing Page
  7. Link to Messenger for Downloads
  8. Link to Messenger in Your Email Campaigns/Email Signature
  9. Link to Messenger for Customer Surveys
  10. Embed Messenger Checkbox in Your Existing Web Forms
  11. Embed a Send to Messenger Button
  12. Add Scan Codes to Your Signs, Packaging and Business Cards

Combine lead magnets with countless, proven lead gen strategies for maximum impact.

Read on to learn the secrets of 100% conversion rate with MobileMonkey’s Facebook bots.

How Can a Marketing Channel Have 100% Conversion Rate?

Back up. 100% conversion rate is too good to be true. What are you even talking about, Virginia?

Check it out. When someone messages your bot in Facebook Messenger, Facebook gives you their info and a direct line to stay in touch with them!

Instant lead capture! First and last name, their locale, gender and permissions to follow up!

After someone messages your bot through the entry points laid out here, they automatically become a lead in your contact database.

What follows is your own marketing funnel design. You might:

  • Set up a Messenger drip campaign to welcome and nurture them.
  • Ask them questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.
  • Invite them to stay in touch as a subscriber.
  • Send them info about your products, services and promotions.

Heads up, you want to become familiar with Facebook’s rules for Messenger engagements. There are rules like when and how you can send sales messages, for instance.

More about Facebook Messenger rules here.

Now let’s jump into the lead magnets where every initiated contact is a lead!

1. Facebook Comment Guard private auto-replies

Facebook post comment guards (aka Facebook post auto-replies or private replies) are the most engaging, free way to get new contacts!

You can take ordinary, donkey Facebook posts are turn them into unicorn lead-capturing tools.

If someone comments on your Facebook post, you can program a chatbot to send a private reply in Messenger:

Test out this Facebook post autoresponder for yourself by commenting on this post.

Next-level engagement!

Facebook post autoreplies are so fantastic for lead gen because:

  • They turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts!
  • Your Facebook page listed response time drops dramatically — a great trust signal!
  • You turn your page fans into leads you can send follow-up messages to!

Autoresponders can be used for tons of use cases:

  • Contests and giveaways: Announce your contest with an organic Facebook post. Attach an autoresponder to that post and anybody who comments to enter will get messages in Messenger, helping you collect instant contact info and powerful leads
  • Relationship and brand building: People turn to Facebook for enjoyment, and these posts allow you to run fun little games to build relationships
  • Lead qualification: Use a comment guard on a Facebook post that asks people to comment to get a resource, guide or download. Set up the chatbot response to ask qualifying questions of your new contacts so you can score your leads!

Want to set up your first autoresponder today? Follow our easy, four-step guide and you’ll have one running in minutes.

And be sure to check out 5 Unicorn Facebook Post Autoresponder Examples to get your brainstorm on.

2. Use your Messenger bot as your website chat

Including chat on a website can increase conversions by 45%!

Use your Facebook bot to power your website chat and see key advantages — at the top of the list are new contacts you can send messaging to!

  • Answer FAQs instantly: You can answer common questions with a chatbot in seconds, giving visitors on your site immediate answers to keep them around.
  • Save on staffing: Using automation and chatbots, you save tons of money on staffing costs.
  • Alert a human to take over the chat any time: Get the best of all world’s by setting up your website chat to have a human takeover if questions can’t be answered by the bot.
  • Mobile friendly: Messenger is meant for mobile communication, there is no better way to communicate on mobile with your customers.
  • Save new contacts as leads: When you get a contact on Messenger, you can message them at any time, even if they leave your website. But with live-chat platforms, you can’t message them unless they are on-site!

You can install Messenger chat directly to your website in seconds using Google Tag Manager and MobileMonkey.

Test it out yourself by tapping the Messenger icon in the bottom right of this page and any page on MobileMonkey.com.

To install the Facebook Messenger chat widget on your site, create a new HTML element and paste the code into Google Tag Manager based on whatever rules you want (which pages to show on, etc.).

That’s it! Now you can chat with customers immediately from your website.

Here’s How to Add a Facebook Messenger Chat Widget to a Website via Google Tag Manager.

These next three strategies use Facebook click-to-Messenger Ads, a lead magnet powered by Facebook’s advanced audience targeting options.

3. Run Click-to-Messenger Ads targeting your email list

Click-to-Messenger Facebook ads are a unicorn of advertising because:

  • We’ve reduced our cost per lead 95% using the messages Facebook ad objective compared to traffic and conversion ads.
  • They result in instant lead capture unlike traffic you drive to your landing pages for 1–4% conversion rate
  • They’re a new ad objective which gives marketers who do adopt them a first mover advantage.

Instead of traditional Facebook ads that drive clicks to a website or likes to a page, messages ads start conversations in Facebook Messenger!

Experience a Facebook ad that sends to Messenger by clicking “Show in News Feed” here.

The process to set them up using MobileMonkey is simple:

  1. Make a messages ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Design your copy and creative in Ads Manager.
  3. Design a chatbot funnel in MobileMonkey Bot Builder.
  4. Create the MobileMonkey code in MobileMonkey Lead Magnets.
  5. Paste the MobileMonkey code into the Facebook ad.

One strategy for creating new contacts with click-to-Messenger ads is to convert your email contacts into Messenger contacts.

All you do is:

  1. Create a Facebook custom audience in Ads Manager from your email list.
  2. Run a Facebook click-to-Messenger ad campaign with your custom opt-in dialogue as the landing page.
  3. Get 100% conversion rate as clicks on your ad send a message to your bot!

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Author: Larry Kim

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