3 reasons You Should Use A Niche CRM

3 reasons that you should use a niche CRM

There are many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems out there in a variety of sizes and costs that do different functions needed for any business, especially for those that are sales and customer based. However, there are some great advantages to using a niche CRM software vs some of the bigger brands like Salesforce.

  1. A niche CRM is easier to manipulate to your needs: A big box CRM software has a lot of different features attached to it, but they are suited to be generalists in a large industry. Some of these tools are just not the easiest to manipulate because there is already a huge process behind them that is honed in on doing business a certain way. A smaller CRM is easier to add to and customize to your needs.
  2. A niche CRM has better customer service: A big box CRM may charge for live support and take months to resolve issues. A niche CRM company cares about each customer and can offer a more personal level of service and more importantly resolve issues quickly.
  3. A niche CRM is easier to use: With some of the bigger CRM tools, a lot of companies face the reality of trying to change their business model to suit the CRM.  A niche CRM is easier to learn and implement.

If you are tired of using these bigger CRM tools, contact us today for the best customer service and effective tools catered to your unique ISO.

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