4 Important Aspects of a First Data and Vantiv Compatible CRM


A First Data and Vantiv Compatible CRM typically encompasses 4 areas of business that with proper attention will help your business grow.  All while you keep a handle on the pulse of your organization. Using a CRM will only help your ISO grow and improve your day to day activities.


You and your sales people invest so much of your time and energy to make the contacts, get the appointment and finally present your company’s capabilities. All this happens while making your prospect know your company can do the job better than any others and why they need the services or products you have access to.


Congratulations you made the sale, now you need to back up your promises. Contacting your client with the touch of a button via email or phone is the easy part. All your promises and client fulfillment need to be just as easily accessible. If not, then your relationship will be short-lived.


Having overcome the first two hurdles you must now conquer the third. Perhaps the client needs their hand to be held or waiting for the new improved system that is being developed. You need to be able to do whatever it takes to make them happy. Accomplishing this will keep them wanting to continue to partner with your business.


Here is where the rubber meets the road folks. You, promised excellent quality on the initial presentation. In today’s market place if your quality slips then you are back tracking and trying to retain a client.

Iris Crm is the tool to help you do this because our First Data and Vantiv Compatible CRM will keep your client management up to date, while allowing you to track your sales personnel’s residual commissions. We are happy to remove a lot of stress from your plate while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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