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6 of the Cutest Baby Animals GIFs Inside

The Mission Newsletter, 8/22/18

“You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.” — Shonda Rhimes

Transformation Challenges Facing IT Leaders

Episode 2 of IT Visionaries

Alvina Antar is the CIO of Zuora and known as ‘The Subscription Economy CIO.’ She previously spent 17 years at Dell focused on Digital Transformation, Global Delivery, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

We had Alvina on IT Visionaries to discuss her road to becoming CIO, the challenges that CIOs face as they transition to this subscription economy, the changing role of IT, and how CIOs need to be visionary.

Listen to Episode 2 of IT Visionaries.

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News That Matters

In honor of Wednesday, aka “Hump Day”, aka struggle-ville, we give you the six best baby animal GIFs. Forward this email on to someone who needs a little extra huzzah!

A baby polar bear + some new research

Ladies, here’s one for you: There is now evidence that how long your mother lives may determine whether you will live a long and wrinkly life. A study published in Age and Ageing (real name) found women whose mothers lived to age 90 and beyond were 25% more likely to reach 90 without serious illnesses.

“It’s not just about the number of candles on the cake. These women were independent and could do daily activities like bathing, walking, climbing a flight of stairs or participating in hobbies they love, like golf, without limitations.”

A baby hedgehog + some wedding facts

Did you feel it? The big one? Saturday, August 18th was the most popular wedding date of the year. According to data released by the Knot, 30,000 couples said “I do” to their BAE. Guests celebrated by blowing over $1 Billion bucks on ugly bridesmaids dresses and wedding gifts.

Five most popular wedding gifts for newlyweds:

  1. KitchenAid stand mixer
  2. Ninja blender
  3. Dyson vacuum
  4. iRobot Roomba
  5. Air fryer (A cooking appliance that basically circulates hot air all around food. Apparently this is a thing.)

A baby cheetah + a hall pass

Findings published in the Journal of Neuroscience show conversations with adults helps children develop stronger language connections in their brains. The best part: It doesn’t matter how intelligent the adult is. You can lie about why the sky is blue and they’ll still come out ahead. That’s what the experts call a “win-win.”

Flash Sale for SIGNAL!

SIGNAL will be packed with product announcements, amazing performances, inspiring stories, and insights from industry-leading visionaries. We can’t wait to check it out, and we know you won’t want to miss it either. 😏

Twilio is running a 50% off flash sale on SIGNAL tickets today only! Go to and use code MISSION10 to get an additional 10% off!

A baby duck + lots of wood

Alphabet, Inc. is considering building a high-tech city on the shore of Toronto made with 3 million square feet of wood. But, not just any wood. Tall-timber technology is the stuff you’d expect to see in Blade Runner — as strong and flame resistant as steel, more sustainable that traditional materials, and faster to erect, too.

Sidewalk Labs LLC, the urban innovation unit of Alphabet Inc., has thrown $50 million at the project to-date and expects to have a clearer development plan by January.

A puppy + a hairball

Movember is really killing the razor business.

In developed markets, the average number of times men shave a week has fallen from 3.7 to 3.2 over the past decade, totaling about two fewer shaves a month, Gillette estimated based on its latest consumer studies.

Gillette has tried “interventions” and slashing razor prices, but their sharp marketing approach just isn’t cuttin’ it. From June to 2018, sales fell 5.1% compared to the year prior. Guys insist facial hair is “popular, authentic, and attractive.”

A baby pig + hope for the future

In 2017, the median debt for graduating medical students was $192,000. The New York University School of Medicine thinks that is some grade-A gar-bage. On Thursday, the institution announced it would cover tuition for all its students, regardless of merit or need.

Also on Thursday, New York City liquor stores had to close up shop early due to overwhelming support from patrons between the ages of 22–26.

The Best of What We Are Up To

Needless to say, developing meaningful relationships takes A LOT of work. Even more difficult? Accepting criticism from these people that you care about. 😬

That’s why Chad and Stephanie recently sat down to discuss how you can grow your relationships and overcome criticisms from the people you respect.

They cover three ways to upgrade your mental operating system. Plus give tips on forgiveness and how you can figure out the roots of your insecurities. 🤗

Listen to Episode 81 of The Mission Daily.

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