A Closer Look At The IRIS Dialer

IRIS Dialer

Whether you’re a team of tens or hundreds, supporting your merchant base with quality customer service is crucial to the long-term success of any business in the payment industry. It’s just as crucial, in fact, as an effective sales team.


Those in sales and customer service tend to possess many of the same qualities. They can professionally foster and nurture relationships, remain patient, and juggle any number of details and tasks on the daily.


But in order to excel in both areas, you need to go beyond hiring the right people. People make a difference but so do the tools at their disposal — working to either help or hinder the efficiency of daily tasks.


So why not provide team members with a suite of communication tools that can cater to the needs of multiple departments while also streamlining merchant tracking across the board? You can do just that with IRIS CRM.


Let’s take a closer look at a few advantages associated with using the IRIS Dialer.

Increase Efficiency

IRIS Dialer functions as a full-featured call center within your IRIS CRM platform. With a single click, sales representatives can initiate calls to uploaded leads. Alternatively, support staff can field inbound calls and listen to recordings from previous calls.


Call queues help with organizing inbound chaos and call forwarding functionality provides teams with an easy way to redirect call traffic to the most relevant destination. Other features, like speech recognition and chat, make it easier to communicate with merchants and fellow team members supporting them.


As a whole, these IRIS Dialer features make it easy to contact up to three times as many merchants. It helps sales and customer teams increase their merchant touches and provides a higher level of service in the process.

Cut Costs

Phone systems can get expensive. You’re paying for service but you’re also paying for necessary hardware.


This is where cloud-based software comes in handy. With IRIS Dialer, you no longer have to invest and re-invest in phone systems that are sure to become obsolete, especially as your team grows over time.


A USB headset is all you need to get started. Rest assured with the knowledge that your business can scale and save on costs when doing so with a secure system built on cutting-edge technology.

Better Support Your Merchants and Team

Working in sales isn’t always a numbers game but it certainly doesn’t hurt to cast a wide prospect net. But in order for there to be prospects, there needs to someone picking up on the other end of the phone.


Luckily, with our local presence functionality, reps have the ability to generate local numbers based on the outbound phone number they’re calling. This helps with increasing contact rates by up to 400%.


Dialer metrics, paired with real-time monitoring, also enable your sales and customer teams to perform at a higher level. Managers can readily provide feedback around agent production and train incoming representatives using relevant recorded scenarios. As your team becomes better-supported internally, they’re better able to support both potential and current customers.


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