A Glimpse into The Future of Work

The Mission Newsletter, 11/6/18

“Be stubborn on vision and flexible on journey.” -Noramay Cadena

Read, Learn, and Act…

The Math Behind The 5-Hour Rule: Why You Need To Learn 1 Hour Per Day Just To Stay Relevant

When it comes to the future of work, there are two equally important trends that everyone should know, yet few people are aware of. They are:

Half-Life Of Knowledge: The rate at which knowledge is becoming outdated is predictable and growing exponentially…

Law Of Increasing Learning: Professionals en masse across the world are increasing how much time they put toward learning…

How To Join The Future And The New Economy

The future is always arriving — every day, all around the world. Sometimes it comes in the form of a thought in the mind of a lone inventor. Other times it comes as an idea for positive change at a startup or business. No matter who we are, thoughts that could become the future flash into our mind every day. It is our duty to filter the thoughts into those we don’t want and those we do, and cling to the thoughts that can make us (and others) mission-driven.

Sometimes You Just Need To Take Action No Matter What The Conditions

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” — Frank Tibolt

The Value of Mission-Driven Founders

Episode 140 of The Mission Daily

Brandon Shelton is the Founder and Managing Partner of TFX Capital. In this episode, Brandon shares: the value of hiring and supporting veteran founders and employees; his experience on the trading floor during the 2008 financial collapse; and finding the next generation of leaders.

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News That Matters:

Journaling is a key to self-care. 📓✍️

IBM made the third-biggest tech acquisition ever. 💰

Lessons from a 20-year-old CEO: “Giving up control is hard… but you can’t be good at everything. Over time, I learned the importance of consciously and constantly giving things up.”

Moving away from our dependence on concrete. 🏡

Grab your reading glasses. Tiny books might change the world of publishing. 📚

The digital divide and how it affects screen time in schools. 🖥

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