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IRIS CRM Mission and Purpose

Our mission and purpose is to provide world-class software not only for the benefit of owners and operators of ISOs to revitalize and improve their own effectiveness, but also for the benefit of the whole payments industry by improving the infrastructure through which merchants are serviced.

Who We Are

Founded in 2010 by Dimitri Akhrin, IRIS CRM is a premier merchant services CRM servicing clients in the payments industry. While running and managing an ISO, Dimitri experienced first hand the void created by a lack of reliable business management tools specifically for the payment processing industry. He then set out on a mission to create one, and IRIS CRM was born.

IRIS is an acronym for “Integrated Reporting is Simple” and at IRIS CRM, simplicity is a way of life. A web application used by ISOs, IRIS manages the entire merchant lifecycle from the time that a lead is a seed - all the way through the lifespan of an account.

Today, IRIS CRM is made up of a diverse team of executives, engineers, sales and service members with more than 40 years of combined industry experience - all on a mission to offer the most advanced business management solution that the payment processing industry has ever seen.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, IRIS CRM offers a fast-paced and stimulating corporate culture and a team environment that leverages the latest technologies.

What We Do

IRIS is not your typical CRM, our platform was created with the detailed knowledge of the payment industry’s processes for tracking leads, calculating residuals and working with multiple payment processing networks to manage merchant portfolios. With more than 35 integrations, IRIS CRM offers a robust suite of tools for any payment processing organization to master marketing, retention and employee adoption of use.

IRIS CRM is a cloud-based platform, accessed through a secure website built and hosted by us, a certified PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider. IRIS offers merchant reporting services for more than 275,000 active merchants and is growing each and every day.

Why We Do It

At IRIS CRM, we come to work every day to bridge the gap of siloed systems by offering a single payment industry-focused ecosystem. Without IRIS, employees of ISOs have to learn to manage multiple tools on a daily basis for functions like lead management, onboarding, merchant reporting, e-signature services and call center solutions.

Thanks to IRIS CRM all of these functions are under one roof, which makes running a successful payment processing organization simpler than ever.

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