All About the Worldpay Payment Gateway

All About the Worldpay Payment Gateway

Worldpay, now a subsidiary of FIS, is a global leader in electronic payment processing handling over 75 billion transactions annually worth over nine trillion dollars. Their payment solutions are used by over 20,000 businesses worldwide thanks to their product offerings and focus on providing solutions for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of their lifecycle. Below are just a few of the many great reasons that merchants should consider Worldpay, and that independent sales organizations (ISOs) should be partnered with them as resellers. 


Choose Hosted or Integrated Payments

Worldpay offers both hosted payment pages and integrated payment pages, providing merchants with maximum choice and solutions tailored to each stage of business. Hosted payment pages exist entirely on Worldpay’s website, and are tied into the merchant site through a simple code insertion. Website users can shop as normal, and upon choosing to checkout, they will be transported to the payment page on Worldpay’s site. Hosted payments offer the ultimate in simplicity, enabling merchants to get up and running as quickly as possible. On the downside, sometimes being transported off-site to make payments can be a turnoff for shoppers who might view the changing URL as a security concern. 

The integrated payment page option puts the entire payment process directly on the merchant’s site, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for users from initial visits all the way through to payment confirmation. This offers better branding and eliminates the risk of alarming consumers, but it puts the technical onus on the merchant, including the responsibility for achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. 


Take Advantage of a Full Suite of Payment Features

As one of the leaders in global electronic payments, Worldpay offers a full suite of useful features to merchants utilizing its payment gateway. Worldpay merchants can accept transactions in 116 currencies, ensuring a shopping experience unrestricted by borders. Payments can be accepted not only via eCommerce sites, but through email and over the phone as well, opening up a wide variety of payment options – something modern consumers expect. For merchants selling services or subscriptions, payments can be set and processed on a customizable recurring basis, minimizing the amount of work required to handle billing and collection. On the security side, hosted payment pages are guaranteed to be completely PCI compliant, and integrated payment customers have the option of engaging Worldpay’s SaferPayments security program. 


Monitor Transactions and Catch Fraud with Advanced Reporting

Worldpay offers a wide variety of advanced reporting data to help merchants and independent sales organizations alike keep on top of their businesses and ensure maximized growth. Worldpay offers access to data and reporting through a web portal, but they also offer integration with certain advanced customer resource management platforms, like IRIS CRM. IRIS CRM is the leading Worldpay merchant services CRM, and its advanced reporting suite automatically pulls information from Worldpay’s data stream and compiles it into a series of easy-to-read charts and graphs covering all areas of an ISO’s business, from portfolio-wide revenue and growth, to merchant-level performance, right down to data on a transaction-by-transaction level. The result is better business intelligence and better management decisions, enabling better growth and profitability. 

For more information on how IRIS CRM integrates with Worldpay’s payment gateway and the many ways, it can unlock the full potential of Worldpay’s payment systems, schedule a demonstration of the platform or talk to one of our expert support staff today!

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