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Welcome! This is The Mission Daily, and today’s episode is our first AMA. We’ve got questions in person, email, socials, and through our speak pipe link, where you can leave a question via voice. So, I’ve picked out some of the most interesting questions, or the ones we get the most often, and tried to answer them and expand on some of them here.

If you have more questions, comments, or anything you want to see me cover in the next AMA, let me know. You can reach out via socials, where we’re @TheMissionHQ and I’m @ChadGrills, or you can leave a voicemail through our speak pipe link in the podcast show notes. And let us know if you want a shoutout! For now, we’re just going to go the anonymous route unless people specifically ask for the shoutout.

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Let’s jump to it!

I like The Mission Daily and the format, but you mentioned it’s an experiment and it will keep changing. How so, and will you have more guests?

Thanks, we’re treating The Mission Daily as an experiment. So yes, expect a bunch of different formats and micro-episodes and shows like this AMA. We’ll also have bonus episodes with guests, or maybe we’ll transition over to having way more episodes with guests. Let us know what you like, and although we’re experimenting a lot, we’ll do our best to incorporate your feedback. The goal of The Mission Daily is to create the best daily podcast in the world. We’re on our way there and need your help. Share with one friend or online friend who gets it.

What future topics will you cover?

LOTS! So we’re creating a number of different podcasts, shows, fictional series, and worlds right now. We’re always doing that and chipping away at it behind the scenes. Some of the main topics are:

  • Technology and Science — Startups, software, hardware, apps, VR/AR/MR, the IOT, machine learning, engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, bio-engineering, material science, and breakthrough technologies that are helping abundance become ubiquitous
  • Explorations — Personal challenges, tragedies, triumphs, travels, emerging physical and mental trials, new sports, innovative types of entertainment and art, seafaring, spacefaring, along with asteroid identification and mining
  • Improving the Human Condition — Rebuilding our crumbling culture, developing the developed world, optimizing ourselves, promoting empathy and love, health and longevity, personal mastery of our bodies & biome, neuroscience, helping politics and systems of cooperation evolve, and promoting more voluntary evolution

What’s the mission of The Mission?

Mediate voluntary evolution.

What does The Mission do as a company?

We create stories in written, podcast, and video form. We partner with some of the best companies in the world — like Salesforce — to help sponsor these creations. We’re building a network of a lot of podcasts and shows like this. We’re also working on stories and corporate mythology designed to last hundreds of years. If your company is interested in sponsoring one of our podcasts, series, or is interested in something custom, you can connect with our creative team here.

After hearing many of your podcasts, I noticed you are always so full of energy and passionate about whatever you’re speaking about! What are some tips for more energy?

Thanks! Here’s a bunch off the top of my head: At 3pm, try apple cider vinegar. Always try equalizing your blood sugar before you try caffeine. Try cycling on and off caffeine. Try catching up on sleep for an entire day one weekend — so stay in bed for most of the day. More cardio, high intensity interval training, and lifting heavier weights. And now, I need to go do all that stuff because it’s been too long. So those are some starter ideas, but ultimately, the most energy seems to come to me when I’m working and making progress on the right projects, with the right people. So, work that is meaningful seems to provide all the energy I need!

Do you meditate? Do you practice some mind habits (e.g. no negative thoughts)?

Meditation is like every other word. Different people have different ways of defining meditation. I do sometimes, not often, and don’t feel guilty when I don’t. I really try hard to mindfully filter and let go of different thoughts. I always try to choose and focus on those thoughts that help serve and empower me and discard the rest.

Do you eat healthy, follow some sort of special diet, take supplements, nootropics, or something else?

Sometimes. I always try to prefer healthy fats to sugar. Try to drink lemon water in the morning, take some supplements like iodine, skate and butter oil, black chia seed oil… but let me stress that it’s not every day, and I don’t get upset if I miss some days, fall off the wagon, etc.

I also cycle on and off of many supplements (like coffee), which is vital. I also try to prefer anything that’s been around for a long time. Just the fact that it still exists is usually proof that it contains something good, although not always.

Could you please share some things you believe are fundamental to high-performance and general well-being?

Sure. Who you spend time around. The information you consume. The thoughts you choose to focus on. We are ultimately what we dream we are and become. We’re all becoming, and you might have more power than you realize.

There are plenty of people who choose to see the universe and this world as something random, where you’re just a blip and you’re gone. You can choose to see humanity as chimps with tools, a horrible mistake, etc… Or it’s a simulation, humanity is an experiment gone wrong, etc. You get the point, and obviously, there are those who live in that negativity. They literally create a hell and mental prison for themselves. That’s easy to do, and you can see how well that approach works.

Or, you can choose to imagine definitely optimistic thoughts. Imagine better futures for yourself and those you care about. Explore the idea that the universe and this world we’re living in are far more benevolent than you might think.

When negative thoughts do creep in or you think things don’t matter because it’s just a simulation, etc., really try to get creative with it. Is it a simulation with no point? Of course not. It’s a mystery, a drama, a novel… that is personalized for you. There is a reason, there is a maze. Imagine that you can figure it all out, and you will. Imagine that life is fatalistic and you have no power, and you won’t. Choose wisely.

I’m new to TMD. What episode should I start with first to really get the jist of what this is all about?

Start with the trailer and first episode. Listen to as many as you like. It’s about redeeming and saving humanity… and the day-to-day stuff to help you get healthier, wealthier, wiser… etc. That type of thing. But generally, listen at your own risk, and choose your own adventure.

Where do all your trivia and tips of the day come from?

Our resident oracle, Lacey Peace.

Awhile ago, in one of your written pieces, you said The Mission had investors. Who are they and why did you take investment?

Yes. Some of the best investors in the world! Founders Fund Pathfinder, Founders Fund’s early stage investment vehicle was and is our first investor. Founders Fund and their team are amazing, and they’ve invested in companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Palantir, SpaceX, Spotify, Stripe, Wish… and dozens of others!

Are you hiring, and if so, how do you pick and bring on new hires?

Yes, we are hiring. We are interested in finding the best people. So, in HR speak, we’re looking for a good culture fit, what drives the person, what experience they have, and what proof of skills they have.

What important truth do you believe that few people agree with you on?

Many. Here’s one new one.

I think hardly anyone realizes how deeply the concept and idea of original sin has permeated our culture, media, education systems, etc. It’s EVERYWHERE.

I don’t mean “original sin” in the way a priest or church might define it. But I mean original sin in the concept of an idea system and practice of always feeling guilt about something. I think the cultural water most of us have been swimming in from birth has been guilt. In our modern world and society, there always seems to be many people and many groups who know what we should be doing and who carefully try to stoke people’s mental fires of guilt and shame for simply existing or not doing something perfect (that often, people have never been trained or taught how to do!). And if people could recognize this original sin in their own lives, let it go, forgive themselves, and move forward with morals but not needless guilt all the time… the world would be a very different place for the better.

So, here’s a quick example. Recently, I was having a conversation with someone about disasters, specifically how to survive and thrive after them. So whether it’s an EMP attack, coronal mass ejection, asteroid, etc… you get the idea.

We were talking about the really bad and rough stuff — not a fun or light conversation.

And what struck me was this person’s first, instinctual response, which was, well, if that really did happen, what would be the point of trying to keep going?

This person basically said, “Well, don’t worry about that happening because after that, it would be okay to just give up, die, go extinct… yeah… give up.”

Man, did that crush me. People are so guilty over imagined transgressions that they feel guilty just for living and breathing, and that is so deep that people have literally lost the will to survive and keep going. Something worse than original sin happened, and people are so hurting, so disconnected, and so traumatized that they’re not sure surviving is a good thing. Hearing that crushes me, and one of the things I want The Mission Daily to do is help you crush any type of guilt, shame, and any unnecessarily limiting beliefs. Because some people let those programs run in their voices and head for their whole lives, and they don’t have to.

I like the idea of developing excitement about existence and our own human history so that we believe humanity is a force for good and loving ourselves enough so we do decide to overcome really large challenges and obstacles when they come our way.

Abraham Maslow famously said that if he was dropped in the ocean a thousand miles from land, he would still swim and try to make it, and he would despise the one who gave up.

I love that. That’s my philosophy and motivation. I’m always going to keep swimming, and I’m going to do my best to have compassion for those that are drowning, but I’m sure as hell not going to let them pull me under with them.

Cast off all guilt and shame. Forgive yourself. You’re not guilty, and you have to get that out of your head if you want to find real freedom and become everything you can be.

SO! That’s it for today’s first AMA. If you have more questions, comments, or anything you want to see me cover in the next AMA, let me know. You can reach out via socials @TheMissionHQ or leave a comment here.

See you next time.

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