Automate Onboarding and Back-Office Operations

Automate Onboarding and Back-Office Operations

Do you automate onboarding and back-office operations? If you don’t already, you really should consider it.

One of the more contentious points of discussion involves its potential impact on the workforce. There are those that view emerging technology as detrimental to the job market, with the potential to eliminate as many as 800 million positions worldwide by 2030.

Others argue that this loss will only make room for new opportunities among those willing to learn. Roles will shift, making way for career transitions and advancement.

Every new technology brings with it a level of change and adaptation. And those in payment processing know this all too well. In order to keep up with merchant demand, teams need to find ways to optimize their current processes. They need to do more with less.

IRIS CRM offers the ability for those in the payments industry to do just that — with automation functionality and features for streamlining operations.

Submit New Merchants Faster

When you hear the word TurboApp, think of a single, centralized dashboard. As new merchant contracts are sold, this is where the application process begins for setting them up within your system.

Starting the relationship off on the right foot is all about speed and simplicity, especially when up against a number of other payment processing services on the market. The IRIS CRM platform has formed strategic partnerships with companies like First Data, iPayment, TSYS, Pivotal, Priority, and Vantiv. This makes integration and data transfer a breeze, allowing you to submit new merchants four to seven times faster — and increase your team’s workload capacity.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry Errors

When you’re switching back and forth between different platforms, it’s easy to make mistakes. This is especially true when jobs are passed from one department to the next.

IRIS CRM keeps your team on the same page, from sales to back-office operations. There’s no more need for manual data entry when data can be automatically updated and transferred at every stage of the onboarding process. This minimizes the potential for errors and keeps your merchant accounts happy and profitable.

Set Up Smart Reports and Notifications

Your back-office operations team has no shortage of work on their plate. During any given week they may be onboarding new merchants, managing a dispute, reporting on quarterly goals, analyzing portfolio activity — the list goes on and on.

With IRIS CRM, automation features for generating smart reports and notifications prevents important tasks from slipping through the cracks. They also help you in building a team that’s just as proactive as they are reactive. This helps lower attrition and raise the bar on identifying troublesome accounts before they become a problem.

Track Historical Growth at a Glance

Pulling data for the sake of forecasting shouldn’t feel like a chore. Especially when IRIS CRM’s visual dashboard automatically tracks historical volume growth and approvals for you.

Over time, it’ll become second nature for your back-office operation’s team to identify new accounts that haven’t begun processing and activate them faster. Additionally, they’ll be able to better focus their time on high-potential merchants and build stronger, long-lasting relationships.

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