New Feature: Residuals Analytics

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Residuals Analytics are here!

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with built-in dashboards that track your residual income trends across multiple processors and help you make decisions quickly.



In order to access the Residuals Analytics page your Administrator will need to enable the Residuals Analytics permission for your user class:



With the permission enabled, you can open the Residuals Page from the Residuals menu in the top navigation bar:



Use the filters on top of the page to select groups, agents, and the date range for your analytics reports:



After you’ve selected your filters, the analytics charts will refresh automatically.

Here is an example of the Processing Merchant chart showing the average net profit and ticket sizes:



To view more detail on a chart, click the Show Portfolio Metric Breakdown button at the bottom of the chart and a popup window will appear showing the chart breakdown.

You can search the chart breakdown or export it to an Excel or CSV file:



Below are a few more examples of the charts that are available on the Residuals Analytics page:

Net Profit Analytics



Financial Key Indicators



Top 10 Merchants By Processing Volume



Top 10 Merchants By Net Profit



Merchant Distribution By Geographic States



We hope you’ll enjoy using the new feature.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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