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IRIS CRM is Now Integrated with NMI for Gateway Merchant Onboarding
Featured Article New Integration: IRIS CRM Releases Direct Boarding To NMI Gateway

We’re excited to announce the release of IRIS CRM’s NMI Gateway Boarding Integration! NMI is a leading unified commerce enablement platform that enables ISOs to add additional value for their merchants and serves as a private label payment gateway that provides many additional cutting-edge features to create new revenue. The latest capability of boarding merchants […]

Invoices Widget New Feature: Invoices Widget

We have just added a new feature to your favorite Merchant Services CRM—the Invoice Widget! The Invoice Widget provides you with an easy way to view the status of invoices you send to your clients. Below is an example of an Invoice Widget shown on the Home Page tab. The widget shows the totals for […]

IRIS CRM Announces Payment Industry Legend O.B. Rawls as New Strategic Advisor IRIS CRM Announces Payments Executive O.B. Rawls as New Strategic Advisor

O.B. Rawls lends his 30 years of experience in payments and merchant services, including senior executive roles with First Data, iPayment, and Paysafe, to help guide the future of IRIS CRM’s growth, product development, and service delivery to ISOs across North America. Brooklyn, New York – IRIS CRM is pleased to announce that O.B. Rawls, […]

ISO Management Solutions – How CRM Software Impacts Managers ISO Management Solutions – How CRM Software Impacts Managers

Whatever level of management you’re in, your job is to lead those who work under you, to steer their success, and to provide them with the tools and the guidance they need to do their jobs as well as they can. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done, and it’s incredibly easy to fall into […]

Merchant Services CRM Merchant Services CRM – What to Look For When Shopping for a New Customer Resource Management Platform

Adopting customer resource management software is one of the simplest and most affordable ways independent sales organizations can enhance their merchant acquisition, improve service delivery, and grow residuals. But not all CRMs are created equal, so when shopping for a new system for your ISO, it’s crucial to look for one that offers a wide […]

New Enhancements: Update & Copy TSYS Equipment New Enhancements: Update & Copy TSYS Equipment

We have just added the ability to Update and Copy Equipment for TSYS merchants to your favorite Merchant Services CRM. The latest enhancements come on the heels of a recently released feature that enables TSYS Wholesale ISOs to manage TSYS equipment and VARs. Now in addition to the ability to view and add new equipment, we’ve […]

Online Prospecting and Visitor Tracking with IRIS CRM Online Prospecting and Visitor Tracking with IRIS CRM

Good lead management is all about using the data available to you to properly categorize leads and ensure each is either constantly moving forward towards a sale, being maintained long-term, or, in the case of unqualified leads, moved aside so your team can focus on hotter prospects.  Each additional piece of data you can collect […]

IRIS CRM Dispute Assistance Manager IRIS CRM Dispute Responder

We are pleased to announce the release of the Dispute Responder—IRIS CRM’s revolutionary new solution that offers complete, end-to-end dispute management.   The Dispute Responder ensures that your merchants will always be alerted the instant a new dispute is entered with Fiserv so that no merchant will ever again lose a case because they failed to […]

Merchant Mass Actions New Feature: Merchant Mass Actions

We’re excited to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with the ability to perform Mass Actions on your merchants. With Mass Actions, you can now update groups, processors, data sources, assigned users, as well as perform many other actions on selected merchants. To use the new feature open the Merchant Management page […]

IRIS CRM’s Conformance Technologies Integration The Top 3 Reasons IRIS CRM’s Conformance Technologies Integration is So Game-Changing

IRIS CRM recently announced our ground-breaking partnership with Conformance Technologies – one of the world’s leading providers of risk assessment and conformance tools for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). With this new partnership, IRIS CRM has fully integrated Conformance Technologies’ PreComm ToolKit™, one of the most powerful cloud-based due diligence tools available today.  This new […]

ISOs Improvement What is Independent Sales Organization CRM Software and How Can It Help Your ISO?

Not all platforms are created equally, and not all are CRMs targeted specifically towards the payments industry. Selecting the right tool for the unique challenges your ISO faces is key, but with the right CRM software underpinning your operations, organization-wide improvements in productivity and work-quality can be unlocked with relative ease.  A customer resource management […]

Five Persistent Call Center Myths Debunked Five Persistent Call Center Myths Debunked

Considering how long it’s been around, telemarketing is still a surprisingly misunderstood field. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around, many of which are unfairly negative and paint telephone sales in a bad light. Those myths are harmful because they stop companies who would otherwise benefit from engaging with call centers from doing do, […]

Better Residuals Reporting and Management Better Residuals Reporting and Management

Your residuals are the reason your ISO is in business in the first place. They represent the majority of your revenue, and the growth and long-term success of your portfolio is also the main driver of your company’s value. They’re also the reason your independent agents are in business and the carrot that attracts the […]

Merchant Data Sharing Merchant Data Sharing and Its Importance to ISO Specialization and Revenue Sharing Partnerships

Merchant data sharing is becoming more and more important in the payments industry as independent sales organizations look for ways to diversify their revenue streams and establish partnerships both inside and outside of the payment processing space. To facilitate those new revenue streams, IRIS CRM now includes a new merchant data sharing feature that allows […]

TurboApp Understanding Merchant Boarding and How IRIS CRM and TurboApp Are Revolutionizing the Process

When a new merchant partners with an ISO and submits a signed merchant processing application (MPA), their data and supporting documentation needs to be submitted to the payment processor for verification, due diligence, and approval. That process is known as boarding, and it’s an extremely important part of the new merchant acquisition process for all […]

IRIS CRM Residuals API New Features: Residuals API

We are pleased to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now includes an Open Residuals API!   Check out the latest IRIS CRM Residuals API Documentation.   The Residuals API is the latest of the Open API extensions added over the last 12 months, which also include the Lead, Merchant, and Helpdesk APIs.   […]

IRIS CRM New UI Sneak Peek At New IRIS CRM Design Coming Soon

Since the beginning of 2020, IRIS CRM has been working on a complete application redesign. We are super excited to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM is getting a shiny new look and wanted to share some screenshots with you today during this sneak peek. We expect the design that is shown below to […]

New Enhancement: Update Lead Assignments with Lead Importer New Enhancement: Update Lead Assignments with Lead Importer

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has received a new enhancement—the ability to update lead assignments via the Lead Importer.   The Lead Importer enables ISOs to import leads into the system from CSV files, as well as to update fields on existing leads.   With the latest update, we have now added the ability to […]

IRIS CRM Helpdesk SLAs New Enhancement: Visual SLAs for Tickets

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM comes with numerous helpdesk tools to ensure that your team stays on top of their game and provides outstanding customer service at all times. A recent product update now also brings the SLA statuses to your Helpdesk dashboard, giving you a bird’s eye view of the tickets’ SLAs.   The […]

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