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Merchant Data Sharing
Featured Article New Feature: Merchant Data Sharing

Have you ever needed to transfer one or merchants from another IRIS CRM site to your site to support your merchants through a single source? IRIS CRM’s  Merchant Data Sharing feature is here to deliver client-to-client transfers quickly and securely without requiring IT resources to set up and maintain these data transfers.   ISOs with […]

Purchasing Residuals: The Best Way to Grow Your ISO Purchasing Residuals: The Best Way to Grow Your ISO

Constant positive growth is the goal of every business, and for independent sales organizations, growth is all about maximizing residuals. Residuals are the lifeblood of your business, and there are a number of ways to ensure they’re constantly trending upwards. Perhaps the most obvious is to have a constant stream of new, high-quality merchants coming […]

Top Communication Tools The Top Communication Tools for Your ISO, Built Right Into an Industry-Leading CRM

Your ability to communicate directly impacts all aspects of your ISO’s business. From delivering an effective sales process to prospects, to guiding new merchants through the initial stages of getting their own businesses off the ground, to managing your agents, and everything in between, the success of your ISO is heavily dependent on great communication. […]

ISO Residual Calculations What Does ISO Mean? An Overview of Where an Independent Sales Organization Fit in Credit Card Processing

If you’re new to the payment processing industry, one term you’ve likely seen over and over again with no real explanation is “ISO.” ISO stands for independent sales organizations – a term for businesses that resell payment processing services on behalf of the larger players like major banks, VISA, and Mastercard. Essentially, when a new […]

TurboApp Is Speed Important when Processing Merchant Applications? How TurboApp Can Help Your Team Work Faster

Your merchants are everything to your ISO because it’s through them that you build the all-important residual portfolio that will drive your success not only today but well into the future as well. Your formal business relationship with those merchants generally starts with the onboarding process – getting your newly signed merchant submitted to, and […]

Merchant Accounts How to Sell More Merchant Accounts and Grow Your ISO

The growth and success of your independent sales organization – ISO depend on your ability to consistently bring in new merchants – and not just any merchants, but ones that represent high-quality, profitable, long-term partnerships. In many ways, it’s the skill of your independent agents and sales staff that drive the process, and the following […]

IRIS CRM – Now On Your Mobile Device IRIS CRM – Now On Your Mobile Device

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just gone mobile!   You can now manage leads, merchants, and helpdesk tickets right from your iOS or Android devices on the go. Additionally, you can view residuals reports and make and receive calls using the CRM Power Dialer.   Download your IRIS CRM app for your iPhone or […]

IRIS CRM Zap What is Zapier? How This Revolutionary New Technology is Taking IRIS CRM to the Next Level

Zapier has quietly been revolutionizing the way businesses design their workflows since the company’s launch in 2011, but, while the popularity of the service has been skyrocketing in recent years, it’s still not as well known as it deserves to be. So, what is Zapier? Simply put, it’s a platform that offers the ability to […]

Mass Lead Actions & Email Template Improvements New Features: Mass Lead Actions & Email Template Improvements

We are pleased to announce the release of two important features in your favorite Merchant Services CRM! The first feature enables users to send out Mass Lead Email and SMS Messages to leads selected on the My Leads or the Calendar page. The second one is an updated email template editor, which now makes it much […]

TurboApp New Feature: Update Lead Status On TurboApp Status Change

We’re back with a new feature update! IRIS CRM now provides the ability to automatically update a lead’s status whenever the related TurboApp application’s status is changed. For example, when a TurboApp application is approved, you can now move the related lead record automatically into a new status, such as “Conversion Pending”. Furthermore, once the […]

Page Help New Feature: CRM Help

Getting help in your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just gotten easier! We’re pleased to announce the release of a new feature that provides users with contextual help based on the page they’re viewing. To bring up help resources on any page, simply click on the Help link in the dropdown below your username:   […]

Fiserv PASO Fiserv PASO: Enhanced Functionality

As we recently wrote in our article on Fiserv PASO Reporting, Fiserv has moved from the Legacy Residual reports to PASO (Product Reporting And Sales Compensation Overhaul) reporting.   To prepare for this important change, IRIS CRM has updated the residuals report templates of Fiserv Omaha and North ISOs in due course, so that they […]

IRIS CRM and TSYS – A Powerful Integration ISO & Agent Partner Program at TSYS

TSYS is one of the world’s most popular payment processors, serving over 800,000 merchants and processing a combined 32 billion transactions representing $4 billion in revenue in 2018 alone. A big driver of the company’s success is their commitment to developing a strong network of independent sales partners, a job TSYS takes seriously. The TSYS […]

Merchant Account ISOs Merchant Account ISOs Explained – What Are They, How Do They Work, and How Do They Make Money

Independent sales organizations are companies that partner with payment processors to resell their services to merchants. ISOs act as representatives of the payment processors, acting as intermediaries and handling customer service and merchant management while the payment processors handle the actual credit card transactions. Many ISOs also employ independent agents to act on their behalf […]

Helpdesk Ticket Checklists New Enhancement: Helpdesk Ticket Checklists

We have just released two new enhancements in your favorite Merchant Services CRM, enabling users to add comments in Helpdesk Ticket Checklists and to reorder the checklist items.   A Helpdesk Checklist consists of one or more tasks that need to be completed before a helpdesk ticket can be changed to a Resolved status. Each […]

Client Invoicing New Feature: Client Invoicing

We are excited to share that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with support for client invoicing! Generate one-off or repeating invoices from the lead and send them to your clients in just a couple of clicks. The clients can pay for the invoices using a credit card or ACH payment. A complete history of […]

IRIS CRM TSYS New Feature: TSYS ELAPP Boarding Integration

We are proud to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports the TSYS ELAPP processing platform for merchant boarding! TSYS ISOs can now submit a merchant from their CRM site without having to log into the different processor tools and re-key the data that’s already collected.   CRM-direct onboarding will save you time, […]

Fiserv Card Payment Services Fiserv Credit Card Processing – Is It Good for My Business?

The key to success as an independent sales organization is establishing and nurturing strong partnerships with leading payment processors to ensure that you can offer your existing merchants and prospects the best possible payment solutions to meet their needs. Fiserv, which acquired First Data in July of 2019, is one of the world leaders in […]

New Integration: Merchant e-Solutions Portfolio Reporting New Integration: Merchant e-Solutions Portfolio Reporting

We are happy to announce that IRIS CRM has completed its integration of Merchant e-Solutions (MES) transaction reporting. MES ISOs are now able to view merchants’ deposits, batches, account status, retrievals, and chargebacks right inside the Merchant Services CRM. Below are a few highlights of the new integration.   Viewing Merchant Deposits To view the merchant’s […]

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