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Dispute Responder for Merchants of TSYS FSPs
Featured Article IRIS CRM Adds Merlink Integration to Dispute Responder for TSYS FSP ISOs

After several months of work and much anticipation, IRIS CRM is thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our Dispute Responder — Support For TSYS FSP ISOs! From new and updated dispute notifications to electronic replies and response reminders, Dispute Responder now has everything TSYS FSP merchants need to win more of their disputes to retain […]

Sell Faster Sell Smarter Top 3 Merchant Services CRM Sales Tips
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The salesmanship of your business means the difference between viability and stagnation. Here are three sales tips from the IRIS Merchant Services CRM team. Cross-Reference Marketing and Sales Marketing and sales always seem at odds with each other. In order to work most effectively, the marketing team must create content based on the real-world experience […]

payment processing crm How a Payment Processing CRM System Increases Your Sales Efficiency
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Implementing a payment processing CRM at your ISO is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing, big world with a lot of people. Old fashioned business techniques can no longer keep up with demands of society today. CRM systems can automate, synchronize, and organize your client information and benefit […]

residual income Better Business Management through Residual Income Reporting CRMs
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Residual income reporting can be difficult if a business’s accounting process is too complex or disorganized. A streamlined process might seem tricky for businesses owners that are unaccustomed to reporting larger incomes earned through multiple channels. CRM software better organizes residual income reporting while providing actionable data. This not only makes a business more financially transparent […]

Merchant Services CRM Sales Tips that Include a Great Merchant Services CRM
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Few companies fully recognize the link between a great Merchant Services CRM and higher sales revenue. Here are a few top sales tips that directly incorporate some of the latest and most successful Merchant Services CRM trends. Using Cloud Based Merchant Services CRM Gartner predicts that fully half of all companies in existence will have cloud CRM […]

3 Signs it's Time to Upgrade Your Payment Processing CRM 3 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Payment Processing CRM
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When it comes to sales, the more tools in your belt the better. However, it would be irresponsible for a business to spend on a complex system when they are a small operation. Somewhere along the way between the lemonade stand you ran as a kid and the multi-billion dollar international conglomerate you’re working towards, […]

It's surprising how many small businesses are still not able to accept cards with EMV chips. Many Merchants Still Not EMV Compliant as October Deadline Looms
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According to recent statistics, only 42 percent of small businesses plan to make the switch to terminals that will accept credit cards embedded with EMV chips before the October 2015 deadline. The largest barriers for small businesses to become EMV-compliant are the cost of upgrading terminals and the lack of time or resources required to […]

Payment Processing CRM Payment Processing CRM Effectiveness Increases Sales Efficiency
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Payment Processing CRM In the grand tradition of business school, marketing and sales departments both fall under the great marketing umbrella. In reality, these two departments or teams tend to be more like ships passing in the night. This is very unfortunate, because sales efficiency often relies on effective marketing. A payment processing CRM can bridge this […]

Merchant Services CRM IRIS CRM is Ahead of the Curve on Demonstrating Social ROI
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Merchant Services CRM   MarTech Advisor posted an article that marketers should work with the CRM team of their organization to measure social ROI. A particularly strong recommendation they make states, “Another way to prove social marketing value (a path less explored) is to analyze the impact of ‘persona’, behavioral, and stratification data on CRM campaigns and […]

Payment Processing CRM 4 Benefits You Provide through a Payment Processing CRM
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You understand your product and your customers, so what benefits can a Payment Processing CRM provide? Take a look at the following benefits a tailor-made system will provide your ISO. Turn Sales Into Order Processing Payments processing takes large amounts of paperwork.  A CRM custom designed for payments processors gives you the tools to efficiently process paperwork and […]

FIRST DATA and VANTIV COMPATIBLE CRM 4 Important Aspects of a First Data and Vantiv Compatible CRM
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A First Data and Vantiv Compatible CRM typically encompasses 4 areas of business that with proper attention will help your business grow.  All while you keep a handle on the pulse of your organization. Using a CRM will only help your ISO grow and improve your day to day activities. Sales You and your sales people […]

Payment Processing CRM 3 Surprising Facts About Using a Payment Processing CRM System
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There are things about Payment Processing CRM systems that might just surprise you. Three things, in fact. Growing ISOs make their Payment Processing CRM a priority A study by Merkle Group, Inc. found that high growth organizations spend a lot of resources on CRM systems. The survey found that these types of companies are 50 percent more likely to see a […]

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