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Merchant Data Sharing
Featured Article New Feature: Merchant Data Sharing

Have you ever needed to transfer one or merchants from another IRIS CRM site to your site to support your merchants through a single source? IRIS CRM’s  Merchant Data Sharing feature is here to deliver client-to-client transfers quickly and securely without requiring IT resources to set up and maintain these data transfers.   ISOs with […]

Fiserv Card Payment Services Fiserv First Data Omaha AccessOne Integration

In 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data, at that time the world’s biggest payment technology firm. The newly merged giants now serve over six million merchants and thousands of financial institutions in over 100 countries. With over $15 billion in annual revenues, reselling Fiserv payment processing solutions represents an enormous opportunity to independent sales organizations, just […]

IRIS CRM and TSYS – A Powerful Integration The Leading CRM Solution for the TSYS Integrated Payment Processing Gateway

TSYS is one of the world’s most popular payment processors, serving over 800,000 merchants around the globe. That reach makes it a key partner for independent sales organizations looking to maintain a steady stream of new merchants to ensure maximized growth. IRIS CRM, the leading TSYS merchant services CRM, is designed to integrate seamlessly with […]

Sales Integrated Phone System Auto Dialer Benefits of Using a Call Recorder in a Telephone Sales Environment

As the old adage goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And that perfectly describes telephone sales – a sales medium seen by some as archaic and outdated, but one which the numbers show is still as effective as ever. As a result, companies continue to use telemarketing, phone sales and prospecting as effective […]

User Notification Settings New Enhancement: User Notification Settings

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has received a new enhancement to the User Settings page, enabling users to exercise more control over the email and popup notifications they receive.   The email and popup notifications can now be enabled or disabled for every type of event that can occur in the CRM:     With the […]

Track Call Outcomes New Feature: Track Call Outcomes

Tracking your organization’s sales and customer support call outcomes can have a huge impact on call center productivity and user collaboration. By tracking the outcomes your sales managers can get valuable information on call performances and use that information to optimize the sales process further.   We are pleased to announce that your favorite Merchant […]

Outlook Emails New Enhancement: Sync Outlook Emails

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now automatically syncs your Outlook emails with CRM leads! The new enhancement is a part of the Microsoft Outlook Integration which was released earlier this year.  The integration enables ISOs to: Send emails to leads from a personal Outlook account.  Set up Outlook email for group notifications when new lead notes are posted. […]

Fiserv PASO Fiserv PASO Reporting

As Fiserv ISOs on the Omaha and North platforms are aware, Fiserv is moving from the Legacy Residual reports to PASO (Product Reporting And Sales Compensation Overhaul) reporting.   PASO is a complete overhaul to the Fiserv residual program. One of PASO’s primary goals is to reduce the number of reports needed to reconcile an […]

Successful Independent Sales Organization 3 Effective Ways to Become a More Successful Independent Sales Organization

Independent sales organizations are an important part of the payment processing ecosystem, representing payment processors and acting as a bridge between them and the merchants that utilize payment processing services. ISOs often work with a number of different payment processors, a team of independent agents, and a small sea of merchants. That can make keeping […]

All About the Worldpay Payment Gateway All About the Worldpay Payment Gateway

Worldpay, now a subsidiary of FIS, is a global leader in electronic payment processing handling over 75 billion transactions annually worth over nine trillion dollars. Their payment solutions are used by over 20,000 businesses worldwide thanks to their product offerings and focus on providing solutions for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of […]

Understanding What Zapier Can Do When Integrated with IRIS CRM Understanding What Zapier Can Do When Integrated with IRIS CRM

Customer resource management is all about making sales and operations more efficient by automating what you can and supercharging the effectiveness of the rest. IRIS CRM does it better than anyone, bringing lead management, email and scheduling, billing and payments, marketing, and much more into a single platform. It even includes an industry-leading power dialer. […]

Paysafe Learn More about IRIS CRM’s Advanced Paysafe Merchant Integration

Paysafe is a UK-headquartered online payments company that provides payment processing and online wallet services to companies around the globe. They offer payment solutions for online businesses as well as brick and mortar stores, and their Neteller and Skrill brands facilitate low-cost online money transfers between users. As one of the most popular processors in […]

Independent Sales Organization What is an Independent Sales Organization?

Independent sales organizations – or ISOs – are an important part of the network connecting merchants to the financial services companies that handle the processing of their credit card, debit card, and ACH payments. But as ubiquitous as the term ISO has become in the digital age where electronic payment processing is king, a lot […]

Fiserv Card Payment Services Fiserv Card Payment Services – How a Synthesis of IRIS CRM and Fiserv can Benefit Your ISO

Fiserv has been providing payment solutions to forward-thinking merchants since 1984. They are now a global leader, having served thousands of institutions and millions of businesses all over the world. In 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data, another American merchant and payment services powerhouse, combining to form one of the largest payment processors in the world.  […]

Paya ACH IRIS CRM offers Seamless Paya Services ACH Integration

Cash might not be obsolete yet, but electronic payments are already the preferred payment method of the vast majority of consumers and businesses alike. Debit and credit card payments are inarguably the most popular forms of electronic payment, but ACH payments are also extremely common. IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management platform, […]

IRIS CRM Integrates Worldpay Merchant Services Seamlessly with Advanced Customer Resource Management IRIS CRM Integrates Worldpay Merchant Services Seamlessly with Advanced Customer Resource Management

Worldpay Inc. was founded in 2017 when U.S. industry giant Vantiv acquired the British payment processor Worldpay for 10.4 billion dollars. Worldpay Inc. is now one of the biggest players on the world stage, processing billions of dollars in transactions around the globe annually. As a result, Worldpay is one of the most common processors […]

Sales Reporting Why Sales Reporting is important to Independent Sales Organizations

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” With the immense amount of data available to businesses in the digital age, that old adage is truer now than it has ever been. Businesses now understand the importance of data in managing everything from individual employee performance to long-term capital projects and beyond. As a result, tools […]

Sales Integrated Phone System Auto Dialer IRIS CRM Offers the Best Phone System for Independent Sales Organizations, Built Right Into the CRM

Customer resource management tools have gained near-universal acceptance across all industries where sales and customer relations are key functions, and there are a number of great CRM tools on the market. But one unique feature that IRIS CRM brings to the table is the inclusion of a full-featured power dialer that provides a host of […]

Merchant Services MCC Codes What are MCC Codes and How Do They Impact Merchant Services?

Your clients depend on you to ensure that they receive the best merchant services possible and the best transaction rates you can possibly provide them. Merchant category codes, or MCC codes, play a big part in your ability to do both, so it’s important to understand what MCC codes are, how they’re set, how they […]

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