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Merchant Data Sharing
Featured Article New Feature: Merchant Data Sharing

Have you ever needed to transfer one or merchants from another IRIS CRM site to your site to support your merchants through a single source? IRIS CRM’s  Merchant Data Sharing feature is here to deliver client-to-client transfers quickly and securely without requiring IT resources to set up and maintain these data transfers.   ISOs with […]

New Feature: Residuals Analytics New Feature: Residuals Analytics

Residuals Analytics are here! Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with built-in dashboards that track your residual income trends across multiple processors and help you make decisions quickly.     In order to access the Residuals Analytics page your Administrator will need to enable the Residuals Analytics permission for your user class:     With the […]

Integrating Elavon with IRIS CRM Integrating Elavon with IRIS CRM: How Two of the Payment Industry’s Leaders Come Together to Benefit Your ISO

For 25 years, Elavon has offered merchant and payment services for companies at every level, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. Their ability to provide the right payment solutions, at the right scale and the right price has made Elavon’s merchant services the go-to choice for over one million businesses. They now process […]

merchant management Turbocharge Onboarding and Merchant Management

To maintain growth, companies need sales. But in order to support the staff and operations needed to secure those sales, they also need to maintain their current customer base, as well – merchant management. Nurturing merchants currently set up in the system, in fact, is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. This is because […]

IRIS CRM and TSYS – A Powerful Integration IRIS CRM and TSYS – The Powerful Integration Between the Industry Leader in Customer Resource Management and A Global Leader in Payment Processing

With over 821,000 merchant outlets across the globe utilizing their solutions, and processed transactions totaling over four billion dollars in 2018 alone, TSYS is without a doubt one of the world’s leading payment processors. IRIS CRM understands how widely-used TSYS payment processing services are, and that’s why we’ve expanded our customer relationship management tool to […]

Sell Faster Sell Smarter Sell Faster, Sell Smarter & Grow Your Portfolio with IRIS CRM

CRMs make their fair share of big promises to those working in sales and customer support. This is understandably so when considering the level of competition many are up against. It’s the biggest software market in the world with continued growth that’s expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2020. As a […]

New Feature: Add Multiple Paya And Authorize.Net Gateways New Feature: Add Multiple Paya And Authorize.Net Gateways

We are pleased to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports multiple Paya and Authorize.Net gateway setups.      Our Paya and Authorize.Net integrations enable your business to accept online payments.  Through IRIS CRM your business will be able to create ACH transactions or accept credit card payments instantly.   More info:  Accept Payment From […]

Enhance Portfolio Management with IRIS CRM Enhance Portfolio Management with IRIS CRM

Things move fast in the payment processing industry. From increased competition among processors to mobile payment innovations, there’s no shortage of changes fueling growth and opportunity for businesses eager to hop on the bandwagon. But finding success as a payment services provider requires more than just getting in at the right time. You also need […]

Eliminate Manual Onboarding and Back-Office Processes with IRIS CRM Eliminate Manual Onboarding and Back-Office Processes with IRIS CRM

In the world of business, personnel often fall into one of two camps: those who bring in the customers and those who deliver on the products and/or services that were sold. Specifically, we’re referring to your sales team and those working operations, back-office. Often times, these parties end up at odds with each other. Salespeople […]

Why The Right Merchant Boarding System Makes All The Difference Why The Right Merchant Boarding System Makes All The Difference

New merchant boarding is vital for establishing lasting relationships and long-term business success. If a new customer signs a contract with your merchant services company only to find their needs unmet or misunderstood at kick-off, the reaction will be to immediately question the partnership’s viability. The right merchant boarding process is crucial to customer retention […]

Merchant Services CRM The Must-Have Features Of Any Good Merchant Services CRM

If you work in the merchant services industry, you know all too well how many moving parts are involved in day-to-day operations. Outside of continually trying to grow your business through sales, you’re also managing your current portfolio. It’s a never-ending balancing act. And in order to keep both sides in check, you need to […]

Payment Processing CRM The Best Payment Processing CRM For Your Merchant Services Business

It’s no surprise that non-cash payments are on the rise. Customer shopping habits have shifted with the rise of e-commerce, forcing businesses to shift their own payment processing systems alongside them. In 2015 alone, consumers made 117.5 billion payments using non-cash payments with that number surely to continue increasing as payment processing evolves worldwide. Some […]

Let’s Talk About Our Gmail Extension Let’s Talk About Our Gmail Extension

If you’re already familiar with IRIS CRM’s extensive list of integrations, then you know how easy it is to utilize the tool alongside many of those already in use on a daily basis. From Gmail, Adobe Sign to Authorize.Net, Outlook to ZipRecruiter, we created our tool to help you with streamlining systems and processes already […]

Residuals Reporting Why Residual Calculations Are Important

People that work in sales do residual calculations for a variety of reasons. There’s the thrill of the chase — of moving contacts through the sales funnel, from prospect to closed deal. Then there are the fast-paced days that are always changing and challenging agents to think on their feet. All of these factors play […]

Sell Faster Sell Smarter Sell Faster. Sell Smarter.

As a salesperson in the payments industry, it’s easy to get caught up in time. “If I only had more time,” you think to yourself, “I could sell…” “…finish this proposal.” “…send off ten more emails.” “…reach out to these leads for follow up.” “…research new potential leads.” However you choose to fill-in-the-blank at any […]

IRIS CRM Zapier New Feature: Zapier Integration

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM is now on Zapier! You can now connect your CRM with over 1,500 web apps such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, MailChimp, and Quickbooks.   Click Here To Begin Using Zapier With IRIS CRM Note: The Zapier Integration is currently in the beta stage and available only by invite […]

New Enhancement: Dialer Redesign New Enhancement: Dialer Redesign

We are excited to share that the Power Dialer feature in your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just received a fresh new look! Our phone system has been redesigned as part of a wider UI modernization project that is currently underway.  A new and responsive design is coming soon that will be easier to use […]


From April 30th through May 2nd, the payment industry gathered in the heart of Las Vegas – Mandalay Bay Hotel for one of the most popular events of the year. TRANSACT is where everyone — from large financial institutions to tech startups and entrepreneurs — gathers for insight into what’s new. It’s a chance for […]

New Enhancement: Helpdesk Checklists New Enhancement: Helpdesk Checklists

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has a new enhancement that will help your team build lists of tasks by creating a Helpdesk Checklist!  A helpdesk checklist consists of one or more tasks that need to be completed before a helpdesk ticket can be changed to a Resolved status. Each checklist item can be created with […]

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