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Buckle up… this car is about to take off

The Mission Newsletter, 10/5/18

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” — Ken Blanchard

End of the Week Reads

The Career Flywheel: 4 Steps to Runaway Career Growth

Don’t build a career ladder. Create a flywheel that builds momentum to dramatically propel you forward. Here’s how.

25 Best Fiction Podcasts
Fiction is an excellent teacher. There’s nothing like losing yourself in a great story, only to come out with exciting new knowledge and a broader worldview. From sci-fi to thriller, these 25 shows are sure to keep you on your toes!

The Four Words That Made Her a Billionaire
This is The Story… of a woman who changed a nation… by running an illegal business out of her 258 square foot apartment.

“She had seen the future. Her entire country might believe that what she was doing was wrong, but she knew she was right. And she knew that one day, there would be a tidal wave of those who woke up and agreed with her.”

Last Chance To Pump Up Your Workspace!

“GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! Did you hear about the Fully giveaway?!”

Don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway from our friends at Fully! Enter for a chance to win some sweet gear that will improve your workspace and life.

Today’s your last chance to be our lucky winner, so enter now!

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You can view the giveaway rules here.

How to Create Meaningful Relationships

Episode 119 of The Mission Daily

In the first-ever TMD Friday Hangout, Chad sits down with TMD Producer Mike Liguori. They are joined by the outstanding videographer team of Kristine and Patrick to talk relationships and how to create meaningful bonds.

Listen to Episode 119.

News that Matters

– Researchers at the University of Chicago have engineered a skin graft that secretes an enzyme that can fight cocaine addiction.

– So will Sonic be making roast beef burgers now that it’s been acquired by Arby’s parent company, Inspire Brands? The burger chain was sold for $2.3 billion.

– When driving, remember the two-second rule. According to the Auto Alliance, taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles your odds of a crash.

– Uber is hard at work trying to make flying cars a reality. Recently in Tokyo, the company held its third Uber Elevate conference with a mission to get UberAir off the ground — literally.

The projection mapping market is growing. Currently, the fancy tech has a market value of $1.37 billion, but by 2023, the valuation is expected to grow to $3.56 billion.

– Technology continues to weave its way into classrooms, and now it’s becoming mandated by law that schools provide students computer science curriculum.

– Join the editorial team at WeWork. They’re hiring a writer for the new iteration of Creator, their online publication! Learn more.

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