Building Relationships Through CRM

Building Relationships Through CRM

One aspect of CRM that often gets overlooked, is the capacity for building relationships with customers. A huge complaint that many customers are having across the board, is that they are tired of talking to a computer; or a person that may as well just be a computer.

No one enjoys getting canned responses. It just makes them feel unimportant. However, no worker enjoys giving the canned response either. Your employees want to connect with the client just as much as the client wants to feel connected. Yet, you have way too many customers to remember anything about them, or what their own personal needs are.

CRM changes all of that. Say you are on the phone with a customer, and in a passing comment they mention that their daughter will soon have a baby. Just make a simple note, and the system will remind you of that when you speak to the customer again. When the employee asks the client how their grandchild is doing, you have just made a customer for life.

Beyond that, just knowing exactly what each individual customer wants, what issues they have had in the past, and every previous step anyone has made regarding them before is invaluable. It saves your company time, and it makes the customer feel like they are actually appreciated.

In the business world today, finding a company that actually services the customer is rare. The days of the mom-and-pop shop is gone, but the respect and sincerity doesn’t have to be. CRM is more than just a data builder, it’s a relationship builder.

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