New Enhancement – CRM Calendar Reminder Settings

New Enhancement – CRM Calendar Reminder Settings

IRIS CRM users are now able to manage their own CRM Calendar Reminder Settings!


Previously all reminders would pop up 15 minutes before the event due time and this was the default setting built into the system. With the new notification settings each user is now able to set their own reminder settings according to their preference.


The task and appointment reminders can be turned on or off, and you can also select how soon before the event should the reminders pop up.


Here’s a breakdown of the new feature.


Notification Settings


To update your notification preferences open your User Settings page by clicking on your name in the top-right corner and clicking “Settings”:





Click on the Notifications tab and enable or disable the provided reminders. If you’re enabling a reminder you can also select when it will pop up. When finished click “Save”:





The popup reminders now also come with additional buttons which allow you to update your notification settings or to reschedule your task/appointment right from the popup:





If you have multiple reminders that are scheduled to appear within the same time frame, they will all be shown in the same popup. To switch between different reminders click on the scroll button on the right:






To reschedule a task or an event from the popup click “Reschedule”, select your snooze setting, enter the new date/time and click on the second “Reschedule” button:





To update your notification preferences from the popup click on the wrench icon, select your new settings and click “Save Settings”:





Use the “Hide” button to hide one or more reminders on your screen:





For more information on managing user settings please see our knowledge base article on User Settings.


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!


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