Feature Update: CRM Calendar Revamp

Feature Update: CRM Calendar Revamp

We are excited to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just been updated with a new Calendar UI!

The update is a part of a wider project to modernize the CRM interface, which will be carried out in several phases. The Calendar UI now has a fresh and modern look and is easier to use.


The sleek new design is also accompanied by several new feature additions such as the option to change the lead status right from the calendar page, add a lead note, make a call, send an SMS, and others.


Let’s take a closer look!!


The New Calendar UI


While your Calendar has a new look now, all of the actions and filters are located exactly where they were before so you’ll have no trouble using the new interface:



The Calendar List View also features a similar layout as before, but now with a few important additions:



A new color coding helps users visually differentiate between events with different priority levels:



In the event’s description, you will now find the lead’s phone number from where you can call or SMS the lead directly by clicking on the provided call buttons:



Next, we’ve added a Change Status button so you don’t have to go back to the lead in order to change the lead’s status, but can do so right on the event:



When you click on the button a popup will appear where you can select and save the new status:



While updating an event, users typically also need to add a lead note.

We’ve now made that task easier as well, by adding the Add Note button right on the event:



When clicked, the button opens a popup where you can enter a note and select users to be notified. When the note is posted it will be appended to the lead:



When you’re working in the Day View, a View More button will be shown when there are more events than can be displayed in a row.

When you hit the View More button you’ll see a list of all your tasks and appointments for the day:



Finally, you can now also select your working hours (under Settings > Calendar Settings) to default the Calendar’s Week & Day view:



Calendar Widgets


The Calendar widget appears in several locations within the CRM have also been updated with the new design.

Here is a screenshot of the Calendar widget on the Home Page:



And here is an example of the Calendar widget on a Lead:



Lastly, here is an example of the Calendar widget in your Helpdesk tickets:




We hope you enjoy using the new interface—and don’t go too far, we’ll be back with more cool updates real soon!!


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