Call Outcomes: What Are They Good For?

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Calling is an important part of the sales process and a key tool for delivering elevated customer service. But successful calling programs, especially when it comes to sales, require careful management. Since you can’t manage what you can’t measure, any data points that can be pulled from both successful and unsuccessful calls are of great value. That’s why we’ve added call outcome tracking to IRIS CRM, enabling agents to instantly track the outcomes of all of their calls with a single click, and providing managers with the accurate data they need to make informed decisions. 


How, Call Outcomes Improve the Sales Process:

Tracking call outcomes provides an additional level of data for companies to use when analyzing the effectiveness of their sales and support calling operations. Because that extra layer of analysis can provide information on any aspect of calls that companies decide to track, the increase in the quality and depth of business intelligence generated from the call data enables management to tweak and tailor calling scripts, sales techniques, and even scheduled call times. 

Tracking call outcomes also allows management to monitor agent performance by analyzing the outcome trends of each agent’s calls. Identifying the members of a sales team that have the least success with meeting certain call milestones, like getting through to a decision-maker, opens up a wide range of training opportunities that can be custom-tailored to the individual needs of each agent. 


How IRIS CRM’s Call Outcomes Work:

IRIS CRM enables companies to custom configure their call outcome options for both inbound and outbound calls. That means management and training staff can choose which call milestones and outcomes to track based on which data points they want to collect. For example, a company wanting to know how often their agents get tied up with gatekeepers could add “gatekeeper reached” as a call outcome, enabling agents to select that whenever a call gets shutdown at an executive assistant or non-decision maker. Companies can add any custom outcome tracking item they like, meaning there is no limit to the types of data that can be collected from calls. 

In addition to offering separate outcome configurations for incoming and outgoing calls, IRIS CRM also allows outcomes to be configured and filtered by different user groups. That means different outcome tracking groupings can be set based on different lead types, different industries, or any other way management decides to group leads and customers. 

Once call outcomes have been set up, agents can access them through a window displayed on-screen whenever a call is underway. The window can be easily hidden when not needed and reopened with a single click. Once an outcome has been selected at the end of a call, that outcome is automatically added to the notes section of the relevant lead account, meaning there is no longer any need for agents to manually log call outcomes to leads. In addition to that automatic logging, management can also easily run reports on call outcomes from the dialer metrics area of the reporting dashboard. 

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