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Merchant Data Sharing
Featured Article New Feature: Merchant Data Sharing

Have you ever needed to transfer one or merchants from another IRIS CRM site to your site to support your merchants through a single source? IRIS CRM’s  Merchant Data Sharing feature is here to deliver client-to-client transfers quickly and securely without requiring IT resources to set up and maintain these data transfers.   ISOs with […]

IRIS CRM’s Conformance Technologies Integration The Top 3 Reasons IRIS CRM’s Conformance Technologies Integration is So Game-Changing

IRIS CRM recently announced our ground-breaking partnership with Conformance Technologies – one of the world’s leading providers of risk assessment and conformance tools for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). With this new partnership, IRIS CRM has fully integrated Conformance Technologies’ PreComm ToolKit™, one of the most powerful cloud-based due diligence tools available today.  This new […]

TRANSACT Connect 2020 IRIS CRM: Track Co-Sponsor at TRANSACT Connect 2020

IRIS CRM will be participating as an exhibitor at the upcoming TRANSACT Connect conference, and we are inviting you to see us in action via Livestream. The event is a first-of-its-kind and comes at an extremely critical time for the industry – a time when selling online has never been more important. Register here! Visit […]

COVID-19 COVID-19 and Remote Work

Coronavirus continues to dominate the news and affect our way of life. We offer our deepest sympathies to those who have already been affected somehow. As the virus continues to spread, the health and well-being of friends, family, and our IRIS CRM clients remains our highest priority. We’re sharing the below resources to help answer […]

Fiserv Card Payment Services Fiserv First Data Omaha AccessOne Integration

In 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data, at that time the world’s biggest payment technology firm. The newly merged giants now serve over six million merchants and thousands of financial institutions in over 100 countries. With over $15 billion in annual revenues, reselling Fiserv payment processing solutions represents an enormous opportunity to independent sales organizations, just […]

Fiserv PASO Fiserv PASO Reporting

As Fiserv ISOs on the Omaha and North platforms are aware, Fiserv is moving from the Legacy Residual reports to PASO (Product Reporting And Sales Compensation Overhaul) reporting.   PASO is a complete overhaul to the Fiserv residual program. One of PASO’s primary goals is to reduce the number of reports needed to reconcile an […]

Worldpay All About the Worldpay Payment Gateway

Worldpay, now a subsidiary of FIS, is a global leader in electronic payment processing handling over 75 billion transactions annually worth over nine trillion dollars. Their payment solutions are used by over 20,000 businesses worldwide thanks to their product offerings and focus on providing solutions for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of […]

Fiserv Card Payment Services Fiserv Card Payment Services – How a Synthesis of IRIS CRM and Fiserv can Benefit Your ISO

Fiserv has been providing payment solutions to forward-thinking merchants since 1984. They are now a global leader, having served thousands of institutions and millions of businesses all over the world. In 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data, another American merchant and payment services powerhouse, combining to form one of the largest payment processors in the world.  […]

Merchant Services MCC Codes What are MCC Codes and How Do They Impact Merchant Services?

Your clients depend on you to ensure that they receive the best merchant services possible and the best transaction rates you can possibly provide them. Merchant category codes, or MCC codes, play a big part in your ability to do both, so it’s important to understand what MCC codes are, how they’re set, how they […]

Paysafe IRIS CRM’s Paysafe Payment Processing Integration Supercharges Boarding and Reporting for ISOs and Agents

Paysafe is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions offering payment processing for both online and brick and mortar businesses. They offer fully integrated solutions direct to merchants as well as through partners agents and independent sales organizations (ISOs), and the company has recently taken steps to break into the lucrative and rapidly expanding in-game […]

Client eMerchantView Shutdown Leads IRIS CRM To Integrate AccessOne Reporting Client eMerchantView Shutdown Leads IRIS CRM To Integrate AccessOne Reporting

At IRIS CRM, we’re constantly looking for new integrations to add to our customer resource management platform to improve its functionality and the value it provides to our valued users. In late-July 2016, First Data, one of the world’s leading merchant services providers, retired their eMerchantView reporting product. That retirement gave IRIS CRM the chance […]

First Data First Data File Gateway Integration Migration Following Client eMerchantView Sunset

On July 26th, 2019, First Data finally completed the sunsetting of the Client eMerchantView reporting platform. While that retirement makes way for a new generation of account access and reporting tools, a major platform change is still often jarring for users. For non-CRM users, the eMarchantView portal is still up, but logging in simply directs […]

IRIS CRM Featured In The American Dream TV Show On Bloomberg IRIS CRM Featured In The American Dream TV Show On Bloomberg

This Saturday, August 17th, 2019 be sure to tune in to Bloomberg Television at 5:00 PM ET and catch the first episode of season two of The American Dream on Bloomberg!   The American Dream is a show that inspires its audience by telling the story of humble beginnings and delving into each entrepreneur’s journey. […]

IRIS CRM Zapier IRIS CRM Services and Pricing Explained

If your sales team makes up part of the 44% of salespeople still using spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data and pricing, it’s time to reevaluate. Especially in the payments processing industry, where competition is high and deals move fast, you can’t afford informality as far as your customers are concerned. The global […]

IRIS Dialer How Important Are Dialer Metrics for Your Business?

We may live in a world where texting reigns supreme and calls from robots are not out of the question. But when it comes to sales and support, there’s still something to be said about a voice-to-voice conversation. Dialer metrics can help you draw useful data from these conversations to push sales forward. 55% of […]

JARON RUCKMAN Lead of Product IRIS CRM At MWAA2019 Chicago

Our Lead of product Jaron Ruckman is present at the 2019 MIDWEST ACQUIRERS ASSOCIATION (MWAA) Conference. MWAA 2019 CONFERENCE July 17-18, 2019 The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel 1551 N. Thoreau Dr. N. Schaumburg, IL 60173  

ISOs How Do Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) Work?

We’re frequently asked, “How do independent sales organizations (ISOs) work?”. The payments processing ecosystem is undergoing some major shifts. Digital payments are the way of the future, paving the way for digital and omnichannel providers to gain prominence.  Customers are becoming more and more comfortable with varied methods of transaction (e.g., mobile-in-store, voice, and chatbots). […]

The Green Sheet The Green Sheet Online – Privacy and social media: a delicate balance

Our President, Dimitri Akhrin opinion was showcased in this issue. Dimitri Akhrin, president of IRIS CRM, concurred, stating that scrapers sometimes extract and use data in ways that companies didn’t intend when they made those sources available. As a Venmo user, he noticed Venmo profiles are public unless users toggle back the settings. Not every […]

Residual Calculations The Importance of Tracking Residuals Analytics for Your Business

It’s one thing to have a tool in place for getting a job done. It’s another to have one that helps you get the job done more efficiently and effectively. Enter: the importance of tracking residuals analytics for your business. Based on results from a survey conducted in 2018, Statista reported that only 16% of […]

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