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Merchant Data Sharing
Featured Article New Feature: Merchant Data Sharing

Have you ever needed to transfer one or merchants from another IRIS CRM site to your site to support your merchants through a single source? IRIS CRM’s  Merchant Data Sharing feature is here to deliver client-to-client transfers quickly and securely without requiring IT resources to set up and maintain these data transfers.   ISOs with […]

IRIS CRM Lead Recordset Enhancements New Enhancements: Lead Recordsets

We have just added two important enhancements to the Lead Recordsets functionality in your favorite Merchant Services CRM.   A Recordset is a group of fields you specify such as the business Contacts or Equipment which frequently has more than one object.   Recordsets are shown on a special type of tab in IRIS CRM […]

Outgoing Email Management Email and Your CRM: Best Practices for Successful Outgoing Email Management

Part One – Protecting Your Outgoing Email Reputation and Deliverability Rates with Subdomains  Email marketing is deceptively simple. You create an email or a series of messages, load them into your autoresponder, click a button, and out they go – a successful email blast! But there is so much more to it than that, and, […]

Efficient and Effective Calling is a Fundamental Driver of ISO Success Efficient and Effective Calling is a Fundamental Driver of ISO Success

ISOs operate in an extremely competitive environment and outperforming your competition in both recruiting and service is key to maintaining healthy growth and maximizing residuals. That makes your independent agents some of the most important members of your team, and the job they do one of the most important functions of your ISO. Any tool […]

Go Mobile App Go Mobile: Unlock the Full Power of Your Business with IRIS CRM’s New Mobile App

Your customer resource management platform is the hub that brings all of your ISO’s lead management, sales operations, merchant service delivery, and administration into one, centralized point of control. That makes CRM software a mission-critical tool – one that needs to be available to your employees at all times, not just when they’re at their […]

New Feature: Helpdesk API New Feature: Helpdesk API

We are excited to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now features a Helpdesk API.   The latest API extensions come as an addition to our extensive Lead and Merchant API which can be used to create and manage leads and merchants.   The Helpdesk API now enables you to manage and update your IRIS […]

How Does the IRS Classify a Merchant Acquiring Entity How Does the IRS Classify a Merchant Acquiring Entity and What Reporting is Required?

Reporting is a big deal in the payments industry for obvious reasons. But with acquiring banks, payment processors, independent sales organizations, and merchants all playing a roll in getting money from point A to point B, even with the kind of advanced reporting and sales tools provided by platforms like IRIS CRM, keeping track of […]

Set Helpdesk Ticket SLAs In Business Days New Enhancement: Set Helpdesk Ticket SLAs In Business Days

We have just released a new enhancement to the IRIS CRM Helpdesk. Users can now set Helpdesk Ticket SLAs in business days on Helpdesk Ticket Types.   Helpdesk Ticket Types are custom types of tickets that you can set up with different workflows for resolving specific types of issues. For example, a ticket type used […]

Merchant Data Sharing The Importance of Merchant Data Sharing: Why Your ISO Needs Frictionless Sharing Capability

Customer resource management platforms are mission-critical software tools that include a wide variety of sales, productivity, and reporting features. And while CRMs are all about cross-organization integration and centralized control of your company’s tasks, one thing they traditionally aren’t good at is talking to each other. That’s a problem for ISOs that need to move […]

TSYS Equipment and VAR Management on Demand New Feature: TSYS Equipment and VAR Management on Demand

We are excited to share that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with the ability to Manage TSYS Equipment and VARs On Demand. TSYS Wholesale ISOs can now view up to date information on merchants’ TSYS terminals and software, as well as add new equipment as required. You can find the list of the […]

ISO Merchant-Level Metrics ISO Merchant-Level Metrics – How CRM Offers an Improved Awareness of Merchant Data and Performance

It can be extremely easy to ignore your ISO’s merchant-level metrics because they drill information down to a level you may not think you need. Portfolio-wide and processor-wide metrics provide a much larger-scale overview of your ISO’s profitability, and with profitability at the top of mind, it’s tempting to dig no further. But that’s a […]

Copy Existing Email Templates New Feature: Copy Existing Email Templates

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just received a new feature update—the ability to copy existing Email Templates.   By creating email templates in your CRM, you can save your sales reps tons of time and ensure consistent messaging from your team to your clients. You can also add your brand identity to your messages […]

Mobile Lead Management Mobile CRM and the Many Advantages of Mobile Lead Management

Customer resource management software is a mission-critical tool for all ISOs that prioritize growth. The sales and productivity features offered by high-end CRM platforms are invaluable to finding, signing, and serving new merchants, and, in turn, to your ISO’s residuals. But the major flaw in most traditional CRM platforms is that they’re web-only, requiring users […]

How to Become an ISO and Start Selling Merchant Services How to Become an ISO and Start Selling Merchant Services

Payment processing can be a very profitable industry, and as a result, it attracts its fair share of entrepreneurial individuals. Independent sales organizations are one of the most business types for new entrants breaking into the industry because they offer both the potential for excellent earnings as well as the flexibility to operate as an […]

Feature Requests and Bug Fixes New Feature: Shape IRIS CRM’s Roadmap by Voting on Feature Requests and Bug Fixes

We are super excited to share that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with a built-in feedback tool! CRM users can now share their feedback with the IRIS CRM team and other users by sending feature requests or bug reports right from the CRM. We encourage users to use the new feedback tool to […]

Does Your Business Use Voicemail Drop? Does Your Business Use Voicemail Drop?

How IRIS CRM can Save You Time by Eliminating “Waiting for the Beep.” Telephone sales is a numbers game in which an agent’s success is highly influenced by how many sales calls they can make each day. But in a high-volume environment, for every lead that picks up and engages in a call, there’s an […]

Aurora Payments Integration New Integration: Aurora Payments Merchant Portfolio Reporting

We have just completed the integration of Aurora Payments Merchant Reporting into your favorite Merchant Services CRM!   ISOs can now add a new Aurora Payments datasource in the CRM and use it for retrieving transaction reporting data for accounts that are processing through the Fiserv (First Data) and TSYS networks.   Let’s see how you can enable […]

Priority Payments MX New Integration: Priority Payments MX Connect Reporting

We are pleased to announce that IRIS CRM has completed its integration of Priority Payments MX Connect Merchant Portfolio Reporting!   ISOs can now view MX Connect merchant information, chargebacks, and daily batches with transactions right inside their Merchant Services CRM.   Enabling the new integration on your site takes only a couple of easy steps. […]

TRANSACT CONNECT 2020 - Webinar Replay TRANSACT CONNECT 2020 – Webinar Replay

IRIS CRM participated as an exhibitor & co-sponsor at the TRANSACT Connect conference. The event was a first-of-its-kind and it came at an extremely critical time for the industry – a time when selling online has never been more important.   During the event, IRIS CRM explained, how to use our Zapier Integration to help you sell […]

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