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Combine PDF Documents for E-Signature
Featured Article New Feature: Combine Multiple Documents for Streamlined E-Signature

We’re proud to share that we have added a powerful new feature to IRIS CRM’s e-signature workflow – Combine Multiple Documents for E-Signature! ISOs and ISVs can now combine and stack multiple documents such as MPAs, POS agreements, lease agreements, and gateway agreements on the fly when sending documents for merchants to e-sign. In the […]

Merchant Portfolio Reporting Tools IRIS CRM’s Advanced Merchant Portfolio Reporting Tools
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You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Knowledge is power, and your ability to manage and lead your independent sales organization is directly related to the quality of business intelligence you have available to you. IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management tool, understands that, and as a result, it includes one of […]

IRIS CRM and TSYS – A Powerful Integration ISO & Agent Partner Program at TSYS
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TSYS is one of the world’s most popular payment processors, serving over 800,000 merchants and processing a combined 32 billion transactions representing $4 billion in revenue in 2018 alone. A big driver of the company’s success is their commitment to developing a strong network of independent sales partners, a job TSYS takes seriously. The TSYS […]

Merchant Account ISOs Merchant Account ISOs Explained – What Are They, How Do They Work, and How Do They Make Money
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Independent sales organizations are companies that partner with payment processors to resell their services to merchants. ISOs act as representatives of the payment processors, acting as intermediaries and handling customer service and merchant management while the payment processors handle the actual credit card transactions. Many ISOs also employ independent agents to act on their behalf […]

Fiserv Card Payment Services Fiserv Credit Card Processing – Is It Good for My Business?
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The key to success as an independent sales organization is establishing and nurturing strong partnerships with leading payment processors to ensure that you can offer your existing merchants and prospects the best possible payment solutions to meet their needs. Fiserv, which acquired First Data in July of 2019, is one of the world leaders in […]

Credit Card Processing Can You Make More Than $100k/Year Selling Credit Card Processing?
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Independent sales organizations are third-party businesses that resell payment processing services from the major merchant services companies like Fiserv, TSYS, Worldpay, and many others. Independent agents work on behalf of the ISOs and do the sales work of bringing in new merchants to sign. When a merchant signs on with an ISO, their payments are […]

Independent Sales Organization How to Become an Independent Sales Organization
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Independent sales organizations are essentially payment processing resellers that act as middle-men between the major processors and merchants in need of processing services. It’s a potentially lucrative field, and as such, there are constantly new entrants looking to jump into the game to claim their slice of the payment processing pie.  The rules for becoming […]

IRIS CRM 2019 Released Features IRIS CRM 2019 Released Features
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If you’re familiar with IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management platform, then you know we never stop improving and adding features, and 2019 was another big year! Our development team added a lot of exciting new features to the CRM in response to the needs of our valued customers, ranging from improvements […]

Merchant Services CRM for ISOs Helping Agents: Merchant Services CRM for ISOs
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As an independent sales organization, ensuring a steady stream of new, quality merchants are constantly being brought on board is the key to growing your residuals portfolio and maximizing profitability. The heavy lifters in accomplishing that goal are your agents, and keeping them happy and productive is crucial to your success. That means, whenever possible, […]

Residual Income Definition Residual Income Definition – What Are Residuals and Why Are They So Important to Independent Sales Organizations?
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Residuals are the lifeblood of independent sales organizations, and understandably, ISOs and agents alike have a vested interest in ensuring the health and consistent growth of their residual portfolios. But residuals aren’t straightforward, and new agents and ISO employees often lack a clear picture of exactly what residuals are or how they impact ISOs and […]

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