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Software integrations make everyone more productive.

Did you know: studies have shown that, on average, only 39% of the workday is spent on actual work? That’s right. Out of a 40-hour work week, approximately 15 hours are used on work activities pertinent to an employee’s job. 

With what’s left in the week, which is quite a lot, teams are either wrapped up in meetings (both productive and otherwise), emails, administrative tasks, interruptions, and other nonessential tasks. 

If you’re now longing for the days of blissful ignorance when data was scarce and an 8-hour work day just meant “work,” we don’t blame you.

On the flip side, with this kind of information at hand, you can make an effort to improve employee productivity — starting with small tweaks in process. Are there ways to better streamline workflow so that they can get more done in a day with less?

At IRIS CRM, we believe in equipping your team with the tools they need to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we offer a suite of features and integrations with productivity in mind. 

Here are just some of the third party tools we integrate with in helping your team save time and get more done.


A recent integration added to our list, IRIS CRM users can now connect their CRM with over 1,500 web apps that include MailChimp, Google Docs, and QuickBooks. The Zapier/IRIS CRM integrations are currently in beta testing and are available by invite only. 

Adobe Sign

With our Adobe Sign integration, sales reps can move deals along and close faster than before. This sync enables contracts to be signed and processed electronically — cutting contract execution time by 80%.

First Data

If you work in payment processing, you’re sure to encounter First Data seeing as they’re the largest payment technology solutions company globally. Integrating with IRIS CRM allows you to automatically onboard new merchants through TurboApp, then view their activity and transactions placed with First Data.


Twilio makes it possible for teams to make and receive phone calls, in addition to text messages. Paired with the IRIS Dialer, you’ll have a powerful cloud-based phone system at your fingertips.


The TSYS integration with IRIS CRM gives your back office team the ability to view merchant transactions, statements, and chargebacks. Syncing information from TSYS, you can also perform real-time merchant maintenance around DDA updates, risk parameters, and more — all without ever having to leave your CRM platform.


ZipRecruiter is a top site for businesses looking to recruit new job candidates. You can use this integration with IRIS CRM to streamline recruiting efforts with centralized candidate records and resumes.


Any tool that you introduce into your team’s workflow is only as good as their ability to use it. With Articulate, an e-learning platform for creating lessons and exercises, you can track training progress among employees and automatically change their access to certain functionality upon completion.


The right tools working together can make all the difference in your team’s productivity — especially when they don’t have to switch between tabs or waste time performing manual data entry updates across all platforms. 

Check out our complete list of offered integrations to see how IRIS CRM can help fill the gaps in production.

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