Client eMerchantView Shutdown Leads IRIS CRM To Integrate AccessOne Reporting

Client eMerchantView Shutdown Leads IRIS CRM To Integrate AccessOne Reporting

At IRIS CRM, we’re constantly looking for new integrations to add to our customer resource management platform to improve its functionality and the value it provides to our valued users. In late-July 2016, First Data, one of the world’s leading merchant services providers, retired their eMerchantView reporting product. That retirement gave IRIS CRM the chance to improve our platform by integrating the First Data File Gateway (FDFG) and access to First Data’s new AccessOne reporting platform.  

AccessOne: IRIS CRM’s Newest Integration

AccessOne is the new merchant reporting tool that all First Data merchants are being transitioned onto in the wake of the sunsetting of eMerchantView. From a reporting perspective, AccessOne offers a direct data feed straight from First Data, automatically imported account and transaction information into IRIS CRM via an existing IRIS CRM mailbox set up with First Data. The feed is faster and more stable than the previous CeMV reporting feed, ensuring that you’ll always have access to your vital account information whenever you need it. 

Faster, More Reliable Data, in a Familiar Package

Your new AccessOne reporting source will import the data on your deposits, transactions, memos, retrievals, chargebacks, account status, and more on a daily basis and completely automatically. But while the data source and reporting method are changing over, your IRIS CRM user interface remains exactly the same. You’ll access and interact with your reporting data in exactly the same ways you did previously, so there won’t be any growing pains for you as a user once the transition is complete. In essence, you’re getting a faster, more reliable source of valuable merchant account data, with no adjustment or learning curve required on your part whatsoever. 

IRIS CRM recommends that our First Data merchants take the simple steps necessary to get their First Data CeMV accounts migrated over to AccessOne as soon as possible to ensure immediate access to the improved data stream offered by the new integration. Migration can be completed in just three simple steps, and the teams at both First Data and IRIS CRM handle all of the backend technical work for you. Instructions on how to get switched over can be viewed by clicking here

This new integration represents an improvement in IRIS CRM for our First Data merchant users – and just the latest step in the constant improvement and development the platform constantly undergoes. In addition to First Data, IRIS CRM also integrates seamlessly with all other major merchant services providers, as well as a number of third-party platforms and applications designed to improve productivity in all areas of business and payment processing. A list of IRIS CRM’s integrations can be viewed here

If you have any questions or concerns regarding migration and transition to FDFG and AccessOne, or if you’d like more information on IRIS CRM’s new AccessOne reporting integration, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with IRIS CRM support. Our team of support specialists will be happy to help in any way you need. 

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