Compliance Action Required Soon: A2P 10DLC Business SMS

Compliance Action Required Soon: A2P 10DLC Business SMS

With increases to spam messages and robo-calls, changes are being made in the telecommunication industry to regulate how US mobile carriers handle the sending of business-related SMS communications.  The newest standard which affects all senders of SMS is Application-to-Person 10-digit long codes, or A2P 10DLC.

A2P DLC is very similar to existing 10-digit phone numbers, however, it is backed by a verification process specifically for business use that is sanctioned by the mobile operators in order to provide appropriate throughput and reliability of SMS. All major US mobile carriers – Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T – will be using 10-digit long codes going forward. 

IRIS CRM’s phone provider, Twilio, is implementing the new A2P 10DLC standard to combat fraud, increase SMS deliverability, and improve customer engagement.  Messages not compliant with the A2P 10DLC standard may be filtered by mobile carriers, reducing deliverability rates significantly, when the senders of SMS are not registered with the carriers as a verified business.

All businesses that send SMS messages to clients, leads, or other individuals need to register their organization in order to avoid additional message filtering and blocking to ensure the deliverability of their messages.  Over the last few months, IRIS CRM has worked hard to make the registration process quick and simple. IRIS CRM will securely gather additional verification information from clients through their CRM to provide to Twilio in order to complete brand verification.

The transition to more stringent verification also brings additional per-message costs from the carriers. In an effort to make this transition as smooth as possible, IRIS CRM will not be charging any additional fees at this time. 2FA and SMS notificiations will continue to be sent from IRIS CRM’s account to avoid additional costs that would otherwise be incurred by clients. 

IRIS CRM will continue to share updates regarding the A2P 10DLC transition to make the process as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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