Feature Spotlight: Continuous Autodialing With Outbound Call Queues

Feature Spotlight: Continuous Autodialing With Outbound Call Queues

Sales automation takes everyday manual and time-consuming tasks and automates them, enabling sales reps to spend more quality time on leads.

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM comes with many cool automation features that help accelerate your sales process.


One such feature is the ability to assign Outbound Call Queues to sales reps in our Integrated Phone System known as the Dialer.  


Call queues help your reps place calls to leads in quick succession without having to dial each lead’s number. 

After a call is completed, the CRM Dialer automatically dials the next lead after a 1-minute pause.

If needed, the reps can also jump to the next call right away or pause the queue until ready to resume the calls. 


The call queues can be created from existing leads in your CRM or you can import new leads and add them to a queue in a few easy steps. 


Let’s see how it works!


Creating An Outbound Call Queue


To create a new call queue click on Leads > My Leads in the top navigation bar:



You can now use the lead filter to find the leads that you wish to add to the call queue.

After applying your filter, select the leads you’ll be calling and click Create Call Queue:



Now simply enter a title for your queue, assign a user, and click Create:



If the queue is created successfully a confirmation message will be shown in the top-right corner:



Editing the Call Queue


With the call queue successfully created, you can now open it with the Call Queue option near the bottom of the Dialer



The image below shows an example of a call queue.

Use the top dropdown menu to switch to another call queue (if multiple queues were created): 



Within the call queue, you can change the order of the leads, change the phone numbers, and skip or delete leads from the queue.


To change the order of the leads in the queue, simply drag and drop leads to rearrange them. Each time you move a lead the change is saved automatically. 


To skip a specific lead when the queue starts to play, click on the checkbox button for that lead:



To undo the change click on the button again and the lead will become active again:



To change a lead’s phone number click on the triangle icon next to the phone number, and select a different number:



The numbers displayed in the dropdown are pulled from the available phone fields on your lead.

To remove a lead from your call queue, click on the delete icon:



To delete the whole queue, click on the delete icon shown next to the Start button:



Note: To remove leads or queues you will need to have appropriate permission set up in your user class.


Playing The Call Queue


After you’ve finished setting up your call queue, you’re ready to begin making calls.

Click on the Start button to start the call queue player:



The Dialer now displays the queue player and will place the first call in 60 seconds.

Use the player controls to pause the player or to switch to the next or previous lead in the queue:



Below the player controls you’ll find shortcuts to create or view lead notes, add a new calendar event, or change the current lead’s status:



Here is a screenshot of a call in progress: 



After the call is completed a 60-second countdown begins before the next call is placed automatically. 

Just below the countdown timer, you can find the name of the next lead that will be called and their phone number:



If you need more time before the next call is placed hit the Pause button and the countdown will stop. 

To resume your calls again hit the Resume button and the next call will be placed automatically:



Quick Tip: To increase the chances of leads answering your calls enable the Local Presence feature for your user.

With the feature enabled your calls will show up on the prospect’s caller ID as a local phone number. More info: Local Presence


Lead Player Widget


While you are calling a lead, the Dialer’s Player Widget is automatically shown in the lead widgets section on the right side:



You can continue making your calls using just the player widget and not the Dialer window.

After completing a call, the widget automatically opens the next lead in the queue after 60 seconds.

Five seconds after that, the next call is placed automatically.


The widget’s controls also allow you to move forward or backward between the leads in the queue, and pause or resume the player:



Use the buttons at the bottom of the widget to hang-up or mute the call, and open the keypad:



Importing Leads To Call Queue


In addition to creating call queues from existing CRM leads, you can also import leads directly to the call queue. 

To do so, prepare a CSV file with your leads and import them into the CRM using the Lead Importer.

For more info on how to import leads to CRM take a look at our Lead Importer knowledge base article. 

After completing your import, click on the Total Leads Imported number shown in the Finished Imports report:



Your newly imported leads are now shown in the My Leads By Status State page.

From here, you can select all of the leads and add to a new call queue using the same steps as before:



We hope you find the call queue feature useful for improving your workflows and lead outreach!


Stay tuned for more new features and updates coming soon!


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