COVID-19 and Remote Work


Coronavirus continues to dominate the news and affect our way of life.

We offer our deepest sympathies to those who have already been affected somehow. As the virus continues to spread, the health and well-being of friends, family, and our IRIS CRM clients remains our highest priority.

We’re sharing the below resources to help answer some of the questions and concerns you may have regarding the virus’s impact on the gig economy and how to stay safe while maintaining your business running.

For the many businesses who are making the shift, during this crisis, to remote work (including our own), it’s more important than ever to stay coordinated and provide the clarity needed to move work forward, no matter where you may be working.

Remote work and running your business online it’s a priority for IRIS CRM, that’s why we want to introduce you some of our new & existing features:

Update Lead Status On TurboApp Status Change

IRIS CRM provides now, the ability to automatically update a lead’s status whenever the related TurboApp application’s status is changed.

For example, when a TurboApp application is approved, you can now move the related lead record automatically into a new status, such as “Conversion Pending”.

Furthermore, once the lead’s status is changed, you can also have notifications sent out to assigned users automatically, alerting them of the change.

Both the lead status states and the status triggers can be easily customized in the CRM.

For more information check out our knowledge base article on Setting Up Status States & Triggers.

Helpdesk Ticket Checklists

IRIS CRM enables users to add comments in Helpdesk Checklists and to reorder the checklist items.

Helpdesk Checklist consists of one or more tasks that need to be completed before a helpdesk ticket can be changed to a Resolved status.

Each checklist item contains short instructions for the user and optionally requires the user to upload a supporting file or add a comment in order to check the item off.

By adding checklists to different types of tickets, you can streamline your support workflows and ensure that your support staff follows all of the steps needed in order to resolve different types of tickets.

Creating A Checklist

To add a checklist to a ticket type open the Manage Ticket Types page (Manage > Administration > Helpdesk > Ticket Types) and click on the Edit button for the type that you wish to edit:

IRIS CRM Calling Features

IRIS CRM’s industry-leading power dialer is packed full of useful calling features designed to make your team’s outgoing calling more efficient and more productive. Your staff can easily move back and forth between the CRM’s calling suite and the customer management areas, facilitating unparalleled data access and transfer.

Call Queues and Autodialing

IRIS CRM’s power dialer not only enables your team to launch calls from customer accounts with a single click, but it also allows them to build customized calling lists and launch calls automatically, completely hands-free. That represents maximum efficiency in the dialing process and makes it possible for your agents to get through their call sheets faster than ever before. Call queues can be set up and rearranged quickly and easily, and priority calls can easily be set to ensure the highest value prospects are given initial focus. The queue can also be set to automatically move on to the next call in the case of a non-answer.

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail drop provides your team with the ability to leave a prerecorded voicemail with a single click, allowing them to move on to the next call without wasting time leaving manual messages. Utilizing prerecorded messages also ensures that the voicemail your customers receive is on script and error-free every single time. Voicemail drop combined with call queuing makes IRIS CRM the most efficient way for your team to manage their daily calls.

Local Presence

The best calling script in the world is wasted if you don’t have a strong answer rate. That’s where IRIS CRM’s Local Presence feature comes in. When a recipient gets your call, a huge part of the decision to answer is how comfortable they are with the number they see. As a result, out of the area or out of state numbers can have a highly detrimental impact on answer rates. Local Presence routes all of your outgoing calls through the local number of your choice so that out-of-area customers and prospects will see a familiar area code whenever you call. The result is: answer rates up to 400% higher than non-Local Presence calling.

Reporting and Training

IRIS CRM’s calling suite offers advanced reporting, providing management with useable business intelligence on things like call volume, answer rates, time-on-call, conversions, and more. The suite also enables call recordings and listen-in functionality, allowing management to monitor calls for quality and regulatory compliance, and to use recordings of good and bad call examples for training purposes.

Additional calling features include IVR call routing, call waiting and missed call, customizable hold messages, and much more.


IRIS CRM Continuity

Because the team at IRIS CRM has always been a geographically distributed workforce with cloud-based tools driving our critical business infrastructure, we are well-prepared for scenarios where the safety of our staff and the public would necessitate us to work remotely.

Our staff is trained, equipped, and prepared to start working remotely should the CDC or New York authorities recommend doing so, and many of us already have regular work-from-home/remote schedules. We will continue to answer your calls, respond to your tickets and emails, and work on your projects, whether from the office or remotely in any currently foreseeable scenario involving the outbreak.

If you have been wondering about your own team’s ability to work remotely if the outbreak worsens, we have good news for you. IRIS CRM is available from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device – via browser or the IRIS CRM app, ensuring that you don’t lose access to the system if you’re unable to work from your office.

As you may know, IRIS University is scheduled to take place as part of the agenda during two upcoming conferences in April.  We are working with the trade-show association organizers of the SEAA 2020 & ETA 2020 conferences to understand the plan if these events are affected.

From the IRIS CRM team do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you need further assistance.


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