Create Automated Helpdesk Tickets Using Status Triggers For Maximum Efficiency

Automated Helpdesk Ticket Workflows

Save your staff time and avoid forgotten tickets that are an essential part of your sales and merchant setup workflows with new Automated Helpdesk Ticket Workflows in IRIS CRM. 

Using Lead Status Age and State Triggers, tickets can be auto-created based on where a lead is in your sales funnel or how long a merchant has been live. By automatically creating tickets for key stages of your workflows, users no longer have to manually create them every single time. Taking the responsibility away from manual processes prevents missed tickets, resulting in a better customer experience. 

You can also put the choice to create a ticket in the hands of users. When a status is changed, they can be prompted to create a ticket or not since each situation may vary and creating tickets for the sake of creating tickets isn’t helpful to your organization. This also comes with guard rails; it can be required to create the ticket to move the lead to the next status in instances where it’s important to always create a ticket. 

Default ticket subjects and descriptions can be set with both static text and dynamic fields – populated from the linked lead or merchant –  so they are consistent, while also relevant to the lead or merchant they are linked to. For example, the subject could be “PCI Compliance – [DBA]”, making it clear what the ticket is and which merchant it is for. The default ticket settings like assigned users and priority will be taken from the ticket type defaults. 

As part of the improvements to automated ticket workflows, entire user classes can now be assigned as the default assigned user for both round-robin or every time options. Assigning by user class simplifies ticket management so specific users don’t have to be added and removed from ticket types as your team evolves over time. 

For round-robin, one user will be selected from the user class to assign to the ticket while assigning a user class with every time will assign all users in the user class for each ticket created of that type. 

Continue reading to learn how you can streamline your ticket creation process. More information is also available in our Status Triggers knowledge base article. 


How to Automate Helpdesk Tickets With Status Triggers

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Navigate to Status States & Triggers Administration Page

To configure automatic Helpdesk ticket creation, you’ll need to navigate to the specific lead status you want to trigger the ticket creation. Go to Manage > Administration, then select Status States & Triggers either from the Quick Access menu or under the Leads section:

Admin- Status States and Triggers


Find the Status Category with the status you’re adding the automatic ticket for and click Add/Remove Statuses:


Locate the specific status and click Configure Status Triggers:

Configure Status Triggers


Choose whether you want the ticket to be created based on Status Age or Status Change:

Status Triggers

Create Helpdesk Ticket Trigger

Click Add New Trigger at the top of the Status Trigger page:

Add New Status Trigger


Check the Create Helpdesk Ticket option:

Create Helpdesk Status Age Trigger


Default Settings

Select the Default Ticket Type that will be created automatically when triggered. All ticket defaults set for the selected ticket type will be used when the ticket is created including assigned users, priority, due date, and checklist:

Default Ticket Type


Enter the default ticket subject and description that will be populated when the ticket is automatically created:


You can use dynamic fields in the subject and description fields so details such as DBA are automatically populated based on the linked lead. This will prevent you from having all automated tickets from having the same exact subject and description. 

Dynamic Helpdesk Fields


Status Change Settings

If you configure the ticket creation to occur on status change, you will have the additional option to prompt users to confirm whether or not they want to create the ticket:

Prompt User To Create Ticket


You can also make it required for the ticket to be created in order for the lead to be able to move into the status. If selected, the lead will remain in the same status unless the user confirms the creation of the ticket:

Require Ticket Creation to Change Status


Assign User Class to Helpdesk Tickets

To assign Helpdesk tickets by user class, navigate to Manage > Administration < Ticket Types:


On the Manage Ticket Types page, find the ticket you want to update the assignment settings for, and click on Auto Assign in the Actions column:

Auto Assign Ticket


On the Auto Assign pop-up, the bottom two options are to assign by user class either every time or round-robin:

Assign User Class To Ticket


Assigning a user class every time will assign all active users in the selected user class to the ticket every time that type of ticket is created. Round-robin will randomly assign one active user from the user class selected. 

IRIS CRM’s Helpdesk is a full service support solution, backed by the powerful data tracking and lead management of our CRM so all of your client data is in one place. To learn more about our powerful, all-in-one CRM, schedule a demo with our team.

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