CRM Chat Moderation and Desktop Notifications

CRM Chat Moderation and Desktop Notifications

We have added two important improvements to the IRIS CRM Live Chat Integration!


Administrators now have the ability to ban users from a public chat room if they violate a chat policy, and also the ability to delete messages.


Additionally, incoming chat notifications will now pop up on your desktop even if you are not looking at an active IRIS CRM tab, thus making sure you never miss a step!


Let’s take a closer look.


Public Chat Room Moderation


If a user violates a chat policy while using a public chat room they may be banned from that chat room by the system administrator.

To ban a user, click on the “Banned Users” icon in the public chat room:



Select the user(s) to be banned and click “Save”:



After a user gets banned from a public chat room, the room will no longer appear in their IRIS CRM live chat window.

If needed, you may also restore a user’s chat privileges later on. To do so go to the public chat room’s banned user list, uncheck the user(s) whose privileges you wish to restore and click “Save” again.


Deleting and Restoring Chat Messages


To delete a specific chat message go to Manage > Administration > Chat > Chat Logs, and click on the “Delete” icon on the message that you wish the delete:



After you’ve deleted the message it will no longer show in the chat room:



To restore a message go back to the chat log and click on the “Restore” button:



Desktop Notifications


IRIS CRM live chat notifications can now show up on your desktop even when you’re working in a different browser tab (which doesn’t have IRIS CRM loaded).

In order to enable the desktop notifications in Chrome, click on the “Secure” icon just to the left of the address bar and enable the “Notifications” setting:



Once you’ve saved your setting you will need to reload your page once in order for the setting to kick in:



Your incoming IRIS CRM live chat notifications will now appear in the lower right corner of your desktop whenever you switch over to a different browser tab:



The procedure for enabling desktop notifications in other browsers is similar to the one described above for Chrome.


More updates coming soon, so stay tuned!


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