Why Your CRM Should Support Call Center Software Integration

Call Center Software

Choosing a specialized CRM specifically built around credit card processing services is a far more efficient choice in contrast with generalized tools for a broader array of businesses.

One of the primary features that separate IRIS from other management platforms is our call center software integration. The IRIS Dialer integrates telephone sales and support with the broader IRIS CRM software, streamlining call center operations with the rest of the customer data, seamlessly.

The Merchant Services Dialer

The IRIS Dialer contains a fully-featured dialer with all the tools to support a full-scale call center. Simple click-to-call for easy dialing, recording that integrates with CRM tracking, and voicemail support for incoming calls cover the gamut of features necessary for operating a small to a large-scale call center.

And local presence dialing support makes it easier to convert customers by switching area codes automatically based on the number dialed. Once a feature reserved for expensive call center-specific solutions, now accessible without any fuss as part of the IRIS Dialer.

A Cloud-Based Call Center

All recordings, call times, notes and more related to a particular customer are automatically synced with the cloud in real-time. Full CRM integration and cloud support allow employees simple access to a wealth of information, shortening call times and providing customers with fast, efficient support.

All it takes is a USB headset and IRIS CRM for any employee to access your call center in the cloud. There is no need for expensive, unwieldy analog call center hardware. The entire service is accessible anywhere, anytime, on simple consumer-level hardware your employees likely already use.

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