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residual income

An effective CRM system not only monitors customer-to-rep interactions but also boosts sales productivity. It is integral to determining commission statements, as keeping track of  residual income isn’t always as easy as it should be.

Accurate payouts mean keeping your CRM updated but also defining the roles of reps within a sales process. This is a challenge firm management should be keen to oversee to stop residual income calculation errors. Not to mention keeping reps motivated to perform. When looking to increase the effectiveness of your CRM management here are 3 things to consider:

  • Customer Service

Sales reps can provide so much more than training and leads. Increasing productivity around the office may mean raising commission rates for reps heavily involved in customer service and account management. This will help in determining more concise commission rates based not only on sales performance but also rep involvement.

  • Return Business

Repeat business commission may be lower and more complex to figure out over time. The customer is not being sold the product every time, however, to compensate for return business commissions may be given at a higher percentage of first-time sales. Sales agents that are also involved in product servicing and account management may need to update CRM parameters to reflect occasional boosts in commission pay-out.

  • Defining Parameters

The sales roles of these reps may be well defined within a company, however, does the CRM currently used allow the use of parameters directly associated with sales transactions? Data that reflects product quantity, customer and amount of the product sold can also mean the difference between happy sales reps and those that feel undervalued.   IRIS CRM identifies key sales commission issues and streamlines pay out for companies both big and small. To talk more about determining easy and effective solutions contact us today.

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