Customizable Merchant Tab Permissions

Customizable Merchant Tab Permissions

IRIS CRM is excited to announce that you can now fully customize the visibility of merchant tabs based on Group, User Class, and User for each processor your ISO is working with. 

Previously, the visibility settings only allowed you to make a tab visible or not for all users, with no fine-grained permissions. Now, you have the option to select which Group, User Class, or specific Users to prevent from viewing the specific tab. 

The tab visibility is still controlled on a processor-by-processor basis so you can tailor what users can see based on the processor. For example, you could show merchants on TSYS their Statements tab, but hide them from Fiserv merchants. This allows you to adjust permissions to processor-specific workflows as well as your internal operations and security policies. 

Customizing the visibility of merchant tabs is very easy; navigate to Manage > Processors > Processor Tabs or add “manage/processorsettings” to the end of your IRIS CRM URL to begin configuring the tab permissions. 

Start by selecting the processor you want to customize access for:

Processor Dropdown


Next, click the Permissions button for the tab you want to restrict access to:

Edit Tab Permissions


Select which Group, User Class, and/or Users you want to restrict from viewing the tab. Tabs will be visible to all users by default unless restricted using the permissions. 

Disable Merchant Tab Visibility


Once applied, users who have been restricted will no longer see that tab for merchants associated with the selected processor. See the before and after below for a Sales Rep user once restricted by the permissions in the prior screenshot. 

With no restrictions:

Visible Merchant Tabs


After Sales Rep was restricted:

Sales Rep Restricted Visibility


With user-based permissions on a processor-by-processor basis, we hope you’ll be able to better tailor access to merchant data to better meet your organization’s needs. Existing clients can contact our Support Team with any questions about the new merchant tab permissions. 


If you’re not already using IRIS CRM to integrate with your processors and are interested in how it can help you grow your merchant services business, schedule a demo with our team to learn more. 

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