Deposits API Date Filter

Deposit & Adjustment API Date Filter

We are excited to announce that the IRIS CRM Open Deposits API now includes the ability to report on custom date ranges. Previously, month and year were the only options to select. In your query, you can now set the day for the start of your search as well as the end date. 

Check out the latest IRIS CRM Deposits API Documentation.

By setting specific dates to search, you will be able to create more tailored reports based on your organization’s needs using the IRIS CRM API. Whether you want to search multiple months or specific dates within a given month, the IRIS CRM API now provides the flexibility to do so. 

Instructions: How To Use Your IRIS CRM Deposits API

To begin using the Deposits API, you will first need to create an API Token. In order to do this, click on your name in the top right corner in IRIS CRM, and then click Settings. On the Settings page that opens, click on the API Settings tab.

API Settings

Next, click the Create New API Token button. You can now enter a name for your token and optionally restrict the API usage to specific IP addresses. When you’re done, click Add New Token and the token will be generated:

Create New API Token

Once you have the token, continue to the API documentation page for further instructions and a complete list of API functions. The API documentation is available at (replace the letters in bold with your actual domain) and also at

Navigate to the Merchants section of the API documents. Look for the API command named: Get a list of deposits records and totals.

Deposits API Menu

Under Path Parameters and Query Parameters you will find day and end_date which can now be added to your request.

Deposits API Parameters

The day parameter corresponds to the day of the month that you are querying, for example, the first of the month = “1”. To set the end_date in your query, use the format YYYY-MM-DD. Both day and end_date are optional, only MID, Month, and Year are required for this query. Both parameters can be used for Deposits and Adjustments.

Deposits API Query


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