New Enhancement: CRM Dialer Contacts Tab

Dialer Enhancement- Contacts Tab 3117

We’ve been at it again. Making things smoother, faster and more efficient. This time we’ve introduced several enhancements on the IRIS CRM dialer, making it easier for you to search and manage your contacts.

Here’s what’s new.


The Contacts Tab


Previously, there was a Contacts tab on the IRIS dialer which displayed a list of the IRIS CRM agents. This tab has now been renamed more appropriately to “Agents”. And next to this tab we now have the new CRM Dialer Contacts Tab:



Within the Contacts tab, there are four main buttons or sections:

  • The “All” button displays a list of all your contacts.
  • The “Users” button displays a list of all IRIS CRM users.
  • The “Personal” button displays your personal contacts.
  • The “Contact Groups” button displays your contact groups.



To call a contact while you are on the Contact tab, just click on the contact’s phone number and the dialer will connect you.

Right below the contact buttons is a search box which allows you to find a contact quickly:



Creating a New Contact


To create a new contact while you are on the dialer, click on the “Add New Contact” button:



Enter the name of your contact and add one or more phone numbers. Optionally fill in the email and birthday information as well as any additional notes about the contact:



When finished click Save and the new contact will be created.

The phone numbers that you enter can be saved using the default labels (e.g. Mobile, Office, Home) but you can also create custom labels right on the form (e.g. Store, Bank, Restaurant etc.).

To create a custom label, simply click on the drop-down menu before the phone number field and enter your new custom label at the bottom of the pick list:


If you’d like to share your new contact with one or more groups, all you need to do is add the group(s) using the “Add Group” drop-down menu.



Favorite Numbers


We’ve also added a favorite numbers section below the dial pad. This section will show the most frequently used numbers, displayed in a series of 9 tiles arranged in three rows as shown in this screenshot:



The top 3 tiles will show the most called numbers in the last 90 days.

The 3 tiles in the middle row will show the most called numbers in last 30 days.

Finally, the last three tiles will show the most recently called numbers.

The tiles also function as call links, and to call a number shown on any of the tiles, just click on the tile and the dialer will connect you.


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