Dialer Enhancement: Local Presence

local presence

IRIS CRM is proud to introduce Local Presence to its integrated dialer.

IRIS Dialer users now have the ability to automatically show up as a local phone number on a prospect’s caller ID.

When local presence is enabled and you own a phone number with a matching area code to the number being dialed, that phone number will be used for caller ID purposes. If the merchant calls back the number it will be routed to your existing IVR or inbound calling workflow.

Using a local presence dialer can boost call connection rates by almost 400%.

Dialing technology enables reps to dial an average of 48% more prospects and to have 15% more sales conversations every day!

If you wish to add phone numbers we can provide them for $3.00 per number per month (local) and $5.00 for toll-free. We can also port any existing phone numbers you already own at no charge.

To begin using Local Presence navigate to  Manage > Administration > Manage Dialer Settings > Click the Local Presence tab

You will see a list of area codes along with the state and city:


If the box is checked the list will show you the area codes you do not own yet, based on the area codes that exist on your lead records:



You can easily see how many area codes you own and generate numbers that are available for the area codes you wish to purchase:



Once you have the numbers available navigate to the Manage Extensions tabs and enable local presence on the users you wish:



For questions regarding this feature please contact us, LiveChat us on iriscrm.com, or email support@iriscrm.com.

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