Digital Merchant Onboarding — Boarding New Business with IRIS CRM and TurboApp

Digital Merchant Onboarding

Onboarding new merchants to your processing partners is one of the most important tasks your ISO handles day-in and day-out. But boarding the old way — manually transferring merchant data from an MPA into a processor’s online portal line-by-line — is slow and extremely prone to human error. 

IRIS CRM eliminates both of those problems with TurboApp, an advanced, automated digital merchant boarding tool that all but eliminates the need for manual data handling and reduces boarding time from thirty minutes or more to five minutes or potentially even less for experienced users. Digital merchant onboarding with TurboApp has been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible so that even brand new employees can submit new merchant applications in five simple steps and a matter of minutes, allowing your ISO to spend more time bringing in new business and less time wrangling data and fixing errors. 

Step One: Start a New Application and Upload a Digital Merchant Processing Application

When you launch a new merchant onboarding application with TurboApp, you start by selecting the processor you’d like to board to. TurboApp then automatically configures itself to perfectly match that processor’s onboarding requirements, ensuring you’ll only see the fields you need, with no additional clutter. After selecting a few options like which agent you’d like to assign to the account and which group to place the merchant in, you’re ready to upload the merchant’s digital MPA and let TurboApp go to work. 

Estimated Time: One minute. 

Step Two: Review the Merchant’s Corporate Information

With the digital MPA and any other supporting documents uploaded, TurboApp will pull all of the relevant data from each field in the MPA and use it to automatically populate the fields in the boarding tool. Manually transferring data field-by-field is completely unnecessary, and your team will only need to review the fields to make sure everything looks good. That review starts with the merchant’s corporate information,such as DBA, shipping information, and more. With those fields pre-filled and checked, it’s on to step three. 

Estimated Time: One minute. 

Step Three: Review the Merchant’s Location Information

The next screen in the merchant onboarding process contains the new merchant’s location information, like owners, banking details, site surveys, and more. Just as with the corporate information, the relevant info from the MPA will have been automatically populated, eliminating the time and human error involved in manually transferring data from a standard MPA into an old-school online boarding portal. 

Estimated Time: One minute.

Step Four: Set the Merchant’s Rates and Fees

The next screen in TurboApp gives you the option to configure the rates and fees your new merchant will be charged for their services. TurboApp will start by pre-filling the rate and fee fields with any defaults you’ve set in the system and if those defaults are good-to-go, then step four is complete! If rates and fees do need to be customized, your team can quickly edit any fields they need to right on the screen. You can also opt to pre-configure automatic locks on any fields you like so that agents or operations staff can’t accidentally change mandatory or set fees while customizing others. 

Estimated Time: Three minutes. 

Step Five: Submit!

With the fees set, the process is complete, and your new merchant application is ready to submit directly to the processor. TurboApp will provide one last opportunity to review and go back to fix any errors, and once the submit button is pressed, the application will be transmitted completely securely to the processor, perfectly formatted and error-free, all in as little as five minutes.


This easy five-step process makes merchant onboarding fast and error-free, even for members of your team that have never submitted a merchant application in the past. With six of the world’s top payment processors already seamlessly integrated, TurboApp has the potential to completely change the way your ISO handles the merchant onboarding process, saving your team an enormous amount of time and significantly reducing the potential for costly data entry mistakes. 

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