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Win More Disputes and Maximize the Response Window with Instant Notifications and Online Evidence Submission.

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IRIS CRM’s revolutionary new Dispute Responder offers complete, end-to-end dispute management, including instant online notification of new disputes, electronic response submission, and complete record management for Fiserv and TSYS FSP merchants, all from right within IRIS CRM.

Dispute Responder ensures that your merchants will always be alerted the instant a new dispute is entered with Fiserv or TSYS so that no merchant will ever again lose a case because they failed to receive the notification, or received it so late there wasn’t time to put together a compelling response.

Dispute Responder also makes filing response significantly faster and easier, providing both the ISO and the merchant with all of the information necessary to compile evidence and begin a response on day zero, from a single dashboard, in a matter of a few clicks.

The result is more disputes won, more revenue recouped, happier, more loyal merchants, and the healthier residuals that come along with that.

Just a few of the features and benefits offered by IRIS CRM’s
ground-breaking Dispute Responder tool include

Just a few of the features and benefits offered by IRIS CRM’s <br />
ground-breaking Dispute Responder tool include
  • Instant dispute notifications on day zero, with automatic follow-ups on day one and three of the response window.
  • Highly detailed notifications providing at-a-glance access to all the information merchants need to begin compiling a response.
  • Fast, easy, paperless electronic response handled completely within IRIS CRM’s dispute reporting dashboard.
  • A significant reduction in the workload of staff or departments designated to handle chargebacks and retrievals.
  • Complete reporting for ISOs on all open, submitted, decided, and expires disputes.
  • New dispute management service options for ISOs looking to expand their revenue streams.
  • Access to all historical dispute information across an ISO’s entire Fiserv and TSYS FSP portfolio, as well as easy export of historical data for use with external software.

To see Dispute Responder in action, click here to book your free guided demonstration of IRIS CRM today!

Problem: Traditional Dispute Management is Tedious and Slow

Problem: Traditional Dispute Management is Tedious and Slow

Responding to a dispute or retrieval is a tedious, convoluted, and time-consuming process. First, the merchant has to determine which evidence the processor requires of them based on the card type and reason code. Gathering all that documentation and evidence often requires digging back through old records to pinpoint transactions, finding copies of receipts, copies of IDs, proof of delivery, and more. And that’s just if the merchant wants to submit the minimum amount of compelling evidence required.


That process wouldn’t be as much of a problem if dispute responses weren’t extremely time-sensitive. With 45 days or less to respond to most disputes, merchants can’t afford to lose even a single day. Yet, despite the extreme time sensitivity, the only notification required of processors is by mail. Yes – mail. And, amazingly, processors rely on snail mail and even fax for their dispute communications with 90% of merchants!

So, by the time the processor prints up – sends it off, and the postal system works its magic, the merchant kiss at least a week of those 45 days goodbye. That’s if the mail even arrives at all, and assuming it does, that the merchant actually opens it and reads it.

It’s a completely unacceptable system considering that a failure to respond with the correct compelling evidence by the deadline means an automatic decision against the merchant.

Cost: Guaranteed Lost Revenues for the Merchant, Potential Lost
Revenues for Your ISO, and Headaches for Everyone Involved

Cost: Guaranteed Lost Revenues for the Merchant, Potential Lost Revenues for Your ISO, and Headaches for Everyone Involved

The immediate cost of a decision against the merchant is obvious – lost revenue. And, in the case of a fraudulent chargeback, probably lost inventory as well. Those costs have the potential to be fatal for merchants, especially ones whose businesses do a small volume of high-value transactions.

But what about the cost to you, the independent sales organization. You might not lose a penny on a lost chargeback upfront, but there are costs. First and foremost, the long-term financial plight of your merchants chips away at your residuals over time. In some cases, you might also have contractual liability for chargebacks in cases where the merchant can’t cover them. In both cases, it’s clear that ensuring your merchants don’t lose disputes due to easily correctable issues like timeouts is in your best interest as well as theirs.


Then you have the customer service side of things. Your merchants signed up with your ISO, and they view themselves as your client. That means that if a merchant loses an important chargeback because they received late notification (or didn’t receive it at all) and their response window expired, they’re not going to turn their ire towards the processor or even towards the customer – they’re going to turn it towards you. Why didn’t you ensure they knew? Why didn’t you do anything? At best, that represents an annoyance you don’t need. At worst, dissatisfied merchants might jump ship, damaging the long-term growth of your residuals.

Solution: Instant Electronic Notifications and Electronic Response

Solution: Instant Electronic Notifications and Electronic Response

The solution is IRIS CRM’s Dispute Responder! It is a revolutionary new tool enabling Fiserv and TSYS FSP ISOs and merchants to handle the entire chargeback and retrieval response process online, directly through IRIS CRM*.

Dispute Responder enables ISOs and merchants of Fiserv and TSYS FSPs to be notified instantly of chargeback and retrieval requests for merchants, both within the CRM, and via email. That ensures that merchants receive notification of new disputes on day zero of their response window, rather than a week or more later with traditional mail notifications. With the full response period at their disposal, merchants can ensure they never run out of time or feel unnecessary pressure when gathering and submitting the necessary evidence to prove their case in a dispute response.

*Note: Fiserv ISOs must have Fiserv’s dispute manager module enabled on their account to receive notifications or issue responses through IRIS CRM. TSYS FSPs need to submit a new project to their TSYS relationship manager to enable Merlink SFTP file transfer to IRIS CRM.

Once a dispute notification has been received, IRIS CRM’s Dispute Responder provides a custom-configured checklist of all the potential evidence the merchant could submit to bolster their response, based on the reason code included in the dispute. That means the merchant won’t have to waste time looking up reason codes or researching what they need to send in to win their case. Once they have their evidence compiled, it can be submitted to the processor electronically, directly through IRIS CRM, making it a truly end-to-end dispute response tool.

That instant notification and ease of handling make Dispute Responder an ideal tool for merchants of all types. High-volume businesses can ensure no dispute ever slips through the cracks, and they can dedicate less staff time to handling them overall. Businesses that handle high-value transactions can rest assured that they’ll no longer have to worry about having significant revenue clawed back because of a single late dispute response. And, equally importantly, your ISO can rest assured that your merchants will stay healthy, happy, loyal, and keep driving in residuals.

Best of all, the revolutionary new Dispute Responder is already included in your ISO’s IRIS CRM subscription!

For more information on how Dispute Responder can solve the problems associated with traditional dispute management, and eliminate the costs of unnecessarily lost chargebacks, click here to get in touch with a member of the team today!

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IRIS CRM Dispute Responder Features

Instant Notifications and Automatic Follow-ups

Whenever a new dispute or retrieval is entered into Fiserv’s or TSYS’ system, Dispute Responder will automatically send an instant notification to the ISO and the merchant, both logged in the CRM and via email. Unless the response has already been filed, automatic follow-ups will also go out on day one and day three of the response window.

With Dispute Responder, no merchant will ever again have to worry about failure to receive notice or a shortened response window due to slow snail-mail notifications.

Highly Detailed Integrated Notifications

When Dispute Responder sends out a dispute notification, it includes a wide variety of important information, providing the ISO and merchant with a clear picture of the situation immediately, at a glance. The notification email includes:

  • Merchant ID
  • Business name
  • Response due date
  • Case number
  • Transaction date
  • Type (chargeback, retrieval)
  • Amount disputed
  • Total transaction amount
  • Card number (last four digits)
  • Reason
  • Dispute status
  • Attached messages (if applicable)

Not only does Dispute Responder ensure that ISOs and merchants are immediately made aware of new disputes, but it also provides every piece of key information needed to get started on a response, right from the first notification.

Easy, Paperless Electronic Response

Dispute Responder provides a reply button alongside each new dispute, enabling the merchant (or the ISO) to get started on their electronic response with a single click. Clicking that button opens a pop-up window that provides the user with everything they need to fully file their response without ever having to leave the screen. The system generates an easy-to-use checklist of available evidence types based on the reason code for the chargeback. It also provides an editable text field enabling the user to write out a custom message for inclusion with their submission. Finally, users can simply upload electronic copies of any evidence they want to include in their response and click submit.

It’s that simple – a complete chargeback response, performed from a single screen!

Reduction in Workload on Dispute
Managers or Departments

Disputes are a reality of doing business, especially for high-volume sellers. As a result, most high-volume merchants will have an employee dedicated to handling chargebacks at the very least, if not an entire department. Because Dispute Responder ensures immediate notification and makes the response and management process so easy, it both reduces the number of employees needed to cover dispute management and makes the process faster, easier, and less tedious for the reduced staff handling the responses.

Full Reporting for ISOs

On the ISO-side of the system, Dispute Responder provides complete information on each and every chargeback an enabled Fiserv or TSYS merchant has dealt with, across the ISO’s entire Fiserv and TSYS FSP portfolios. ISOs can easily view all incoming disputes for all Fiserv and TSYS merchants, sortable using custom date ranges and custom groups. Not only does that enable your ISO to stay on top of disputes to protect your own interests, but it also helps you to identify high-chargeback-volume merchants that might either need your assistance or simply be more trouble than they’re worth.

New Service Options for ISOs

Because Dispute Responder instantly notifies both the ISO and the merchant, ISOs are constantly in the loop regarding all new chargeback and retrieval requests for their enabled Fiserv and TSYS merchants. That means ISOs that choose to can offer to handle the response process on behalf of the merchant, opening up a potential new service offering and a new stream of revenue.

Access to Historical Documentation

With Dispute Responder, you can easily access complete documentation and information on previously submitted, decided, and expired disputes in a matter of a few clicks. Each dispute is laid out clearly in a chronological format, and a simple click on the “details” button beside any prior dispute brings up instant access to copies of all relevant documentation, both electronic and scanned hard copies.

Easy Export for External Use

Dispute Responder makes it simple to export any desired dispute resolution history in XLS or CSV format directly through the Dispute Responder dashboard. That makes it easy to process documentation and history in preparation for use with outside accounting software like Quickbooks, or for any other desired purposes.

To see how IRIS CRM’s Dispute Responder can revolutionize your ISO’s dispute management process, book a guided demonstration, or start your free trial of IRIS CRM today!

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