Does Your Business Use Voicemail Drop?

Does Your Business Use Voicemail Drop?

How IRIS CRM can Save You Time by Eliminating “Waiting for the Beep.”

Telephone sales is a numbers game in which an agent’s success is highly influenced by how many sales calls they can make each day. But in a high-volume environment, for every lead that picks up and engages in a call, there’s an equally good chance that the phone will just ring and ring until eventually the agent is faced with the words they never want to hear: “you’ve reached.”

For most of us, hitting voicemail is no big deal – something we don’t even think twice about. But for a sales agent, it represents a major decision – one that they may encounter dozens or even hundreds of times in any given shift. That makes voicemail a real problem for your ISO’s telephone sales operations – unless, that is, you have IRIS CRM handling it for you. 


The Problem with Voicemail in Telemarketing and Sales

Voicemail is a great tool because it enables your agents to make contact with a prospect – even if only in one direction – when calls go unanswered. Missed calls are a common occurrence in telephone sales and marketing, especially when your agents are calling prospects outside of your local area, who may be hesitant to pick up a call from an unfamiliar number. 

But voicemail is also time-consuming. Calling operations are all about efficiency, and the time eaten up by a call that rings through to voicemail and then makes an agent listen to an introduction message and wait for a beep is time that could be much better spent. That leaves agents in the position of having to choose whether to waste that valuable time or just hang up immediately and forgo leaving a message altogether – two equally bad options. 


How Voicemail Drop Saves Time and Keeps Agents Moving

The solution to that problem is voicemail drop – a system designed specifically to cut out all the wasted downtime between a call transferring over to voicemail and the “beep.” Voicemail drop essentially works by keeping the line active while the system allows the agent to move on to another call. Once the system detects the end of the introduction, it automatically plays a pre-recorded message, and then hangs up the call once the message is complete. 

The whole time the voicemail drop system is doing its work, the agent has already dialed their next call and is on the line with the next prospect. The result is that agents no longer have to choose between saving valuable time or leaving a message – with voicemail drop, they can do both! That makes your team’s calling both more effective and more efficient – a winning combination in a high-volume sales game. It also reduces the repetitive nature of your agents’ work, helping to reduce burnout and ensure consistently elevated productivity. 


Utilizing Voicemail Drop with IRIS CRM

Using IRIS CRM’s voicemail drop function couldn’t be easier. The power dialer settings allow custom voicemail recordings to be uploaded for each of your agents. You can upload as many different messages as you like, ensuring that an appropriate message will always be available, depending on the purpose of the call. 

Once your agents have pre-recorded messages enabled in their dialer accounts, dropping a voicemail is as simple as clicking the options button on the dialer at any time while a call is in progress, and then selecting the message to drop. That’s it – two clicks and your agent can hang up and move on to the next call, while the system holds the line and waits to leave the message. 

At an average of 30 seconds saved per voicemail, voicemail drop can save high-volume sales agents up to 20 hours per month – just one more reason to use IRIS CRM’s industry-leading call center at your ISO. 

For more information on voicemail drop, or how the complete set of features included in the IRIS CRM call center can help your ISO, schedule a free demonstration of the software today!

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