Elavon Payment Processing – A High-Value Partnership for ISOs and Merchants Alike

Integrating Elavon with IRIS CRM

Elavon is a leading global payment processor that has been providing innovative payment solutions to businesses around the world for over 25 years. Operating in ten countries around the globe and serving over 1.3 million customers, they now process over three billion transactions every year. Those numbers and their consistent rating as a top-five global payment provider are the results of Elavon’s commitment to providing the best solutions and best financial arrangements possible for all of their merchants, and, just as importantly, all of their third-party partners. The following are just a few of the reasons Elavon is an ideal choice for merchants, and a must-have partner for independent sales organizations (ISOs).


Merchant Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Elavon’s wide range of merchant services offerings makes it an ideal payment processor for businesses of all sizes. From small businesses and startups looking for simple, easy ways to accept credit cards and process payments online or from mobile devices, to full enterprise-level payment gateways for major brands like Cabela’s, Elavon has a payment solution to meet every company’s needs. Their merchants can securely accept payment from all major credit card brands in both card-present and card-not-present situations in-store, online, over the phone, and even by mail. Elavon offers thorough real-time reporting, advanced security, chargeback and fraud mitigation, and much more, and their end-to-end processing solutions minimize costs and boost efficiency by bringing all of a merchant’s global transactions into a single point of processing. 


Precise Focus on Five Key Industries

Elavon focuses their merchant services solutions in five high-level industry groups: hospitality, travel, and entertainment; restaurants; retail; healthcare; and public sector and education. Their expertise in each of these five high-level industries enables them to offer tailored payment solutions specifically designed to offer the best rates and service to individual merchants in each market. Whether it’s the smallest restaurant looking for mobile POS payments, a huge healthcare organization looking to manage complex insurance and copayment processing, or a local or state government trying to slash administrative costs, Elavon has solutions specifically designed for the daily challenges of each of their five industry targets. 


An Ideal Partner for Independent Sales Organizations

As an independent sales organization, partnering with Elavon comes with some major advantages. First and foremost, Elavon understands that their success is largely driven by their partners’ success, and they prioritize minimized merchant attrition, a key to profitability for all ISOs. Elavon also offers unmatched customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That constantly available, experienced customer service means ISOs can take care of client issues more rapidly than ever, ensuring happy merchants and healthy residuals. Elavon’s merchant rates are flexible, helping to ensure maximized profit for their partners. They pay out residuals promptly and even offer a residual advance program for partners in need of cash flow for growth and strategic reasons. 


Simply put, Elavon is an ideal partner for independent sales organizations, and IRIS CRM is the ideal platform to manage that partnership. IRIS CRM is the leading Elavon ISO merchant services CRM on the market, offering full merchant portfolio management, transaction reporting, and dispute reporting, all from right within the CRM. Elavon ISOs utilizing IRIS CRM also gain access to the full suite of sales and productivity features that have made IRIS CRM the go-to customer resource management choice in the payments industry. For more information on how IRIS CRM can help your ISO better manage your Elavon partnership, successfully recruit and board more merchants, and make use of the CRMs unparalleled reporting, contact us today to arrange a demo or speak to a member of our support team. 

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