Eliminate Manual Onboarding and Back-Office Processes with IRIS CRM

Eliminate Manual Onboarding and Back-Office Processes with IRIS CRM

In the world of business, personnel often fall into one of two camps: those who bring in the customers and those who deliver on the products and/or services that were sold. Specifically, we’re referring to your sales team and those working operations, back-office.

Often times, these parties end up at odds with each other. Salespeople are often notorious for selling beyond what customer success teams can deliver on. Those in the back office get frustrated, regularly pointing to established process and documentation — while sales teams stress the importance of the revenue they’re driving.

At the end of the day, both sides are under pressure to deliver. But neither can come out on top without a clear understanding and care for what the other needs.

This is where putting the right tool in place — one that saves time for those in sales and operations — can make all the difference.

Here’s how teams can eliminate manual onboarding and back-office processes with IRIS CRM:

Remove the Potential for Human Error

Transferring pertinent merchant information from the sales team to your back office doesn’t have to involve endless hours of administrative busy work and manual data entry. There’s no reason, after all, that both can’t function off one centralized platform that accounts for everyone’s needs.

With IRIS CRM, sales teams are capable of everything from tracking incoming leads to pre-populating merchant agreements. Once signed, new customers are easily transitioned into the system — no manual onboarding required — using TurboApp. This centralized platform integrates with a variety of popular payment processors and can help teams increase their capacity by at least 500%.


Automate Reports and Reminders

It can be hard for back-office teams to juggle client needs on the daily. Especially when working for a small business with limited resources.

IRIS CRM makes balancing new and current merchants a breeze thanks to the power of automation. At both a portfolio and merchant level, those in operations can set up smart reports and notifications around regular task reminders.

Track Against One Visual Performance Dashboard

Whenever client issues arise, having all of their information available to the team via one, centralized dashboard keeps everyone on the same page. A problem is sure to go from bad to worse when you start pulling mismatched data across multiple platforms.

One visual dashboard is all you need to track portfolio performance, alleviate discrepancies as they arise, and understanding historical volume growth over time. IRIS CRM keeps everyone on the same page with a platform that allows you to filter by processing and closed merchants.

Easily Forecast Growth Potential

A merchant is only as valuable to your team and its ability to contribute to long-term company growth. And this is why forecasting is such an important part of back-office responsibilities. Regularly checking in on profitability is key in identifying opportunities for greater efficiency across both sales and operations teams.

The merchant portfolio reporting from IRIS CRM makes it possible for teams to easily identify troublesome merchants, as well as new accounts that have yet to begin processing. Customer success agents are able to respond proactively and optimize portfolios for maximum growth.

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