Employee Spotlight: Implementation Manager Viktoriya Bela

Employee Spotlight: Implementation Leader Viktoriya Bela

IRIS CRM is proud to recognize Viktoriya Bela who has been with IRIS CRM for over two years and the official implementation manager for the last year. Although the title is somewhat new, Viktoriya quickly became a customer onboarding specialist, beginning implementation work just a month after joining our Support team. IRIS CRM is proud to have her as part of our team and recognize the work she does on our behalf and for our clients. 

Viktoriya recently completed her 20th implementation of 2021 which is no small feat. At any given time Viktoriya can be managing 20-40 client implementations in various stages. In this role, Viktoriya is responsible for training new clients to use IRIS CRM and helping them configure it specifically for their workflows. If you’ve started using IRIS CRM in the last year, then you’ve likely spent a lot of time interacting with her as you began using the software. 

Viktoriya has always enjoyed being in customer-facing roles; prior to joining IRIS CRM she held a variety of customer support roles in professional firms such as medical and legal practices. For those of you who know Viktoriya, you are familiar with her energetic and passionate nature that make her excellent at engaging with customers. Besides her energy and passion, her best quality that allows her to excel at customer success is her empathy. Viktoriya always strives to put herself in our client’s shoes to understand their pain points and goals. By positioning herself as part of a client’s team, she is able to help them successfully transition to IRIS CRM in order to grow their business. 

You don’t have to take our word for it though, here’s what one of our new clients that worked with Viktoriya had to say about her and their onboarding experience:

“Viktoriya’s friendly and supportive attitude coupled with her product knowledge and responsiveness made our IRIS CRM implementation smooth and enjoyable. Her attention to detail and project organization was impressive and her customer service skills are superior. Viktoriya is an exemplary ambassador for your company.”

Seeing how clients use IRIS CRM in different ways and helping them find unique ways to use the software is the aspect of the job Viktoriya finds the most interesting. She is able to constantly learn and is challenged to be creative. After providing recommendations Viktoriya says, “Seeing my suggestions come to life is rewarding and very cool to see. Each time you solve a problem for a client is a small win”.

Besides work, Viktoriya is a foodie who loves to travel and try cuisines from around the world. Her dream is to travel all 50 states from a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives approach. She can also be found scrolling her feeds on the various social media platforms in order to stay current on all of the latest trends. Be sure to ask her about her current favorite foods or latest TikTok dance the next time you speak to her!

Viktoriya loves working with IRIS CRM’s clients and is looking forward to helping the company continue to grow. We feel fortunate to have her on our team and appreciate all of her work to make customer success a reality for our newest clients. Viktoriya’s colleagues recognize all of the work she does as well and had this to say:

“Viktoriya is one of the most dedicated and hard-working individuals that you will ever meet. The positive energy that she brings to work every day along with that go above and beyond attitude has helped her be successful in her current role as implementation manager. She is focused and determined on making sure that every client that she works with in the boarding process is fully implemented and most importantly satisfied at the end because it’s all about providing a great customer experience.”

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