Employee Spotlight: Support Manager Luis Feliz

Employee Spotlight: Support Manager Luis Feliz

We hope that you have had a chance to interact with Luis Feliz, Support Manager at IRIS CRM. If you have not, we are excited to shine the spotlight on Luis because we are extremely proud of his hard work and dedication to client satisfaction.

Luis joined IRIS CRM in April 2020, bringing with him over a decade of experience leading customer support teams in the software space. He is an energetic, humorous, and helpful individual who loves working to solve problems for our clients. 

Since joining IRIS CRM, Luis has led IRIS CRM’s Support Team to a consistent 99% SLA achievement target and 100% satisfaction rating from clients. Luis has been instrumental to our growth by providing a concierge-level of support with quick and accurate resolutions.

Taking a look at the many glowing customer reviews involving Luis, here’s one that best exemplifies his impact: “Luis is phenomenally attentive when walking you through solutions step-by-step. Luis takes his time to ensure issues are resolved successfully and works hard to make IRIS a great CRM experience!”

Luis values building personal relationships with both members of his team and our clients. He loves getting to know his team members beyond the basics of what their role is on the team and getting through the workday with them. By building strong relationships, employee performance and retention have improved amongst the team.

In addition to strong one-on-one relationships, Luis feels that IRIS CRM’s team mentality is one of our greatest strengths. According to him, “Everyone is always willing to help out and solve problems. It’s never about whether or not it’s someone’s job, solving an issue for a client is what matters most. You can trust your coworkers will help you figure it out.” 

Luis is a New York native who currently resides on Long Island. He has been married for 10 years and has 2 children, a 5 year-old son and 6 month-old daughter. Family is Luis’ top priority and he spends all of his time outside of work with them. Luis coaches his son’s little league team and involves himself as much as possible at his son’s school and their community.

Having worked with Luis for almost two years now, it’s easy to spotlight him and his efforts. He is always a joy to work and interact with. Any time with Luis is sure to boost your mood as his positive energy is contagious and he always has a joke that’s sure to make you laugh. If you haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with Luis yet, feel free to reach out to Support just for a chance to – he’s sure to brighten your day! 


The IRIS CRM Support Team is truly best in class, if you’re not a client, schedule a demo with our team and learn about the level of support we provide to clients that helps them achieve the most with our CRM.

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