Enhance Portfolio Management with IRIS CRM

Enhance Portfolio Management with IRIS CRM

Things move fast in the payment processing industry. From increased competition among processors to mobile payment innovations, there’s no shortage of changes fueling growth and opportunity for businesses eager to hop on the bandwagon.

But finding success as a payment services provider requires more than just getting in at the right time. You also need back-end systems in place for the services being provided. In particular, the ability to monitor and manage your portfolio of merchants across every stage of the customer journey.

Put tools in place to help you in doing just that. Enhance portfolio management with IRIS CRM!

Keep Tabs on Portfolio Activity at a Glance

When you’re dealing with sensitive transactional data, it pays to keep everything as centralized as possible. Not only does this limit potential threats to security, but it also helps from a monitoring standpoint.

IRIS CRM consolidates all of your merchant data into one platform. You can easily get a sense for portfolio performance at a glance using the visual dashboard. Or dig in deeper as needed with dispute reporting, residual income calculations, and profitability metrics.

Automate Alerts for Potential Lost Revenue

You do both your business and the merchants you serve a favor when equipping a customer support team to be more than just reactive. With all of the historical customer data at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you can’t be anticipating problems before they arise.

All of that being said, small teams don’t necessarily have the capacity to spend time sifting and mining portfolios for red flags. This is especially true when incoming requests take precedence.

The merchant tracking capabilities of IRIS CRM changes all of that. Customer teams can set up alerts for merchants that have stopped processing and filter reports for every status in between. This helps them identify potential flight risks and proactively intervene in potential lost revenue opportunities.

Increase Merchant Stickiness with White Labeled Portals

Giving merchants more control over their own backend operations is one way to enhance your portfolio management. Achieve this through the implementation of white-labelled account management portals.

This is something you can seamlessly integrate into your onboarding process, thanks to IRIS CRM. Automatic enrollment invites get newly approved merchants set up fast. SMS and email notifications keep them updated on deposits and disputes often.

Streamline Efforts Around Portfolio Reporting

Portfolio reporting comes in handy whether you’re trying to resolve a customer help desk ticket or forecast business growth. You don’t have to pull from multiple sources in order to achieve similar outcomes or fall back on manual data entry for generating potentially inaccurate updates.

The reporting functionality within IRIS CRM tracks growth in volume and transactions. This kind of growth, in addition to profit, can be monitored at both a merchant and portfolio levels — in terms of dollars, percent, margins, and BPS. With everyone pulling from the same source, you can more readily confirm the accuracy of strategic business decisions.

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