Enhanced E-Signature Experience

Enhanced E-Signature Experience

IRIS CRM is proud to provide an Enhanced E-Signature Experience for both users and merchant signers. Our new enhancements benefit both single-signer and multi-signer e-signature documents. 

The new features in this release include:

  1. Edits made directly within the e-signature URL will be auto-saved
  2. Preview shows the latest version of the document with all changes
  3. Separate notifications for each signer that opens the document
  4. Password-protected documents will be cancelled after 5 consecutive failed password attempts
  5. When re-sending an e-signature email, it will only go to the recipients who haven’t signed yet.
  6. Documents are hosted in IRIS allowing the document to display your branding for all signers


1) E-Signature Edits are Automatically Saved

Any changes made by either CRM users or merchant signers within the e-signature URL will now be automatically saved. Previously, signers would have to complete all information at once, otherwise they would lose their changes and have to re-do their work. Now, signers will be able to work at their own pace and return to the document at a later point to complete it. 

When CRM users go to Preview for an e-signature file, all of the changes they make will also be automatically saved. A warning message about auto-saved changes will be displayed to CRM users when they open Preview. An option to hide the warning during future visits is also provided. 

2) Preview Shows the Latest Version

As signatures are completed by the signers, the latest version of the document with updated information and signatures will be displayed to CRM users when they Preview the document. Previously, only the original document was shown, even if signers had made updates. Allowing users to see the most up-to-date version will allow them to track progress so they can follow up accordingly. 

3) Document Cancelled After 5 Failed Password Attempts

We have also added a new security enhancement for e-signature. For password-protected documents, the document will be cancelled after a signer enters the incorrect password in 5 consecutive attempts. 

4) Separate Open Notifications for Each Signer

As each signer opens the document, a separate notification will be sent that the document was opened. Previously, only the first signer opening the document would trigger a notification. Separate notifications will allow sales reps to stay up-to-date about the status of multi-signer documents and follow up as necessary. 

5) Resend Only Goes to Incomplete Signers

One follow-up step may be resending the document. Previously, when a document was resent, all signers would receive an email to sign the document, even if they’d already signed the document. Now, when a document is resent, only the recipients who have not executed the document will receive the email. This new sending process will help avoid confusion with signers who already did their part by signing the document. 

6) All E-Signature Documents Hosted in IRIS CRM

Currently, when a document is sent to multiple signers, the first signer that opens the document will see the document within IRIS CRM with your organization’s branding. However, the additional signers will be taken to Adobe Sign’s portal for a generic signing experience. Going forward, all signers will view the document in IRIS CRM with your customized branding. 


The addition of the above feature enhancements will improve the overall experience for both CRM users and document signers throughout the e-signature process. 

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