New Feature: Profitability Reporting and Enhanced Residual Income Page

residual income

IRIS CRM is excited to debut our residual income reporting module. As well as our enhanced Residual page that is now optimized and will load extremely quickly.

IRIS CRM has added profitability data to the automated residual income calculation reports we offer.  IRIS clients can use this information to make important decisions on the fly. Such as, deciding if a merchant should receive a free terminal or an on-site visit. It can also be used to dive into your portfolio and find where you can improve.

Users will be able to see profitability data on their entire portfolio(s) and on a per merchant basis.

The portfolio data is on the residuals page within the Profitability tab.

The data shows the following information:

  • Monthly Volume Growth in dollars and as a percentage
  • Monthly Revenue Growth in dollars and as a percentage
  • Average Profit per Merchant in dollars, BPS and as a percentage
  • Monthly BPS Margin Growth as a percentage
  • YTD Profit in dollars and BPS
  • Lifetime Profit in dollars and BPS


Residual Income


You can view profitability data on a merchant level by clicking the $ symbol next to the merchants DBA. The $ symbol is on the merchant record and on the Residual page.

The profitability data provided on the merchant level is:

  • YTD Profit in dollars and BPS
  • Lifetime Profit in dollars and BPS


residual income



The full history of profitability is shown on a portfolio and merchant level.

You will be able to see:

  • The month
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Profit
  • Adjusted Income
  • Processing Volume
  • Transaction Count
  • BPS Profit
  • Average Ticket


residual income



By hovering over the “i” within the Adjusted Net column, the line items that were used to calculate this dollar amount will become visible.


residual income



Admin users will be able to control the visibility to this data by permissions on the user class.

The following permissions will be possible:

  • User has Merchant Level Profitability but not Portfolio Level Profitability
  • User has Portfolio Level Profitability but not Merchant Level Profitability
  • User has Portfolio Level Profitability and Merchant Level Profitability
  • User does not have Portfolio Level Profitability or Merchant Level Profitability


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