Merchant boarding is one of the most important processes independent sales organizations perform on a daily basis. Today, technology allows ISOs to onboard new merchants faster and easier than ever before. Modern onboarding systems, like IRIS CRM’s TurboApp, enable ISOs to board new merchants in a matter of minutes by eliminating the most time-consuming steps and most common problems associated with traditional onboarding.


The Problems with Traditional Merchant Onboarding

Traditionally, a business looking for payment processing fills out a merchant processing application (MPA) and submits it to an ISO either as a paper copy or a scanned digital copy. The ISO then hands the MPA off to someone in their merchant boarding department or an operations employee responsible for transferring the MPA into the boarding portal of whichever payment processor has been selected. That onboarding process requires each field in the merchant’s application to be transferred manually to the processor boarding portal. Unfortunately, that process has some major flaws – namely, it’s slow and sloppy.

Traditional Merchant Onboarding is Slow

In the best-case scenario, transferring merchant information line by line into a reporting portal requires an employee to copy and paste each field, jumping back and forth between multiple documents. If the merchant filled out a paper application, each field has to be painstakingly retyped manually. As a result, onboarding a single merchant can take even an experienced employee 30 minutes or more. Regardless of the size of the ISO and the resources available, eating up that kind of time for each and every merchant is inefficient at best and a potentially costly drain on capacity and profitability at worst. 

Traditional Merchant Onboarding is Error-Prone

The other major problem with manually copying data from an MPA into a processor boarding portal line-by-line is that each field represents a new chance for human error to creep in. Data entry errors are extremely common in onboarding, and while some errors may be inconsequential, others have the potential to tank an application outright. An error in the entry of a merchant’s rates can also result in losses if the application is accepted with a rate the ISO can’t make money on. 


How Automated Boarding with TurboApp Changes the Game

TurboApp is a proprietary merchant boarding system designed specifically to address the problems plaguing traditional onboarding. It allows IRIS CRM users to eliminate almost all manual data transfer as well as the need to juggle a unique boarding portal for each of their processing partners. By utilizing TurboApp, ISOs can slash the time it takes to onboard new merchants from 30 minutes or more to five or less and significantly reduce the potential for costly human error. 

Pull Digital MPA Data in Seconds

TurboApp is designed to pull all the key data from digital MPAs automatically, enabling agents and operations staff to complete the onboarding process in a matter of minutes.

Upon launching a merchant application through TurboApp, the system automatically configures itself to match the inputs required by the processor’s onboarding portal. The user can then upload a merchant’s signed and filled digital MPA, and TurboApp will automatically populate all the necessary fields in seconds. All the agent handling the application has to do is read over the application, verify the information, and enter the merchant’s pricing. Even the pricing fields can be set to automatically populate with pre-selected default packages that the user can choose to accept or edit, saving even more time. By streamlining the process so significantly, TurboApp enables even brand new users to complete the entire merchant boarding process in five minutes or less.

Reduce Clumsy Data Transfer

Because TurboApp pulls all the necessary fields from the merchant’s digital MPA, in addition to being faster, it also significantly reduces the potential for costly human error. TurboApp’s fields will be automatically populated with data exactly matching the data entered by the merchant, and the system also performs data validation prior to submission to ensure that all necessary fields are full and match the data type required by the payment processor. Pricing fields can also be locked to ensure that agents can’t accidentally alter rates set in stone by an ISO, further reducing the potential for losses due to user error.

Eliminate Expensive Integration and Development

Most successful ISOs partner with multiple processors to maximize the number of products their merchants have access to. However, because each processor has a distinct merchant boarding portal, each with its own configuration and required fields, ISOs often have to build half a dozen or more custom applications to connect with each of their processors’ onboarding systems. Every time a processor makes a change to their boarding portal, the ISO has to change their custom integration as well. All that development represents both a headache and a significant expense.

TurboApp is connected with many of the industry’s top payment processors and is designed to seamlessly integrate with each of their onboarding portals. Each processor verifies and certifies TurboApp’s integration, and whenever a change is made to a boarding portal, the TurboApp integration is updated by the IRIS CRM team and revalidated. By using TurboApp, ISOs can leave the technical side of boarding to IRIS CRM and save themselves the time and money they would have spent managing their processor integrations themselves.


IRIS CRM and TurboApp can cut your ISO’s onboarding time from 30 minutes down to five or less while improving the accuracy and quality of your submissions and saving on development costs. To find out more about everything IRIS CRM’s fast merchant boarding can do for you, schedule a free guided demonstration today.