Feature Spotlight: POST API File Upload

Feature Spotlight: POST API File Upload

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM’s POST API feature enables you to have new incoming leads created automatically using the data collected from your web forms.

For example, the following contact form can be used to collect information from your website visitors:



When a visitor submits the contact form, a new lead is created, the form fields automatically transfer to the corresponding lead fields, and your users receive a notification about the new lead.

For more information on enabling your web forms with the POST API please see our knowledge base article on Managing POST Token URLs.


Did you know that the POST API also allows you to upload files to existing leads though?


For example, a client may be required to upload additional supporting documents (such as a driver’s license or a voided check) after submitting an E-Signature document.

Instead of having your client send you the documents by email, you can enable them to upload documents right from the E-Signature Confirmation Page (which is displayed after the E-Signature document is submitted).


This is accomplished by building a simple web form with a POST API token and showing that form to the client on the confirmation page:



Here is the HTML code used for the above form example:


<form action=" https://demo.iriscrm.com/postleads/t/da17457fa850cbd45326adfb9b9fc824" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">

Please upload your drivers license here:<br>
<input type="file" name="license"></br>

Please upload your void check here:<br>
<input type="file" name="check"></br>

<input type="text" name="email" value="{%email%}" hidden>

<input type="submit">



As you can see in the code example, the form’s action is set to a POST API URL, and this single line of code is all that’s needed in order to link your form to your leads.


Additionally, the form contains two file input fields (to upload the driver’s license and the voided check) and a hidden email field (which is used to link the form data to the correct lead).

The email field automatically populates with the email address of the client who submitted the E-Signature document via the {%email%} placeholder.


Note: Both the file input fields and the email fields also need to be mapped to the appropriate lead fields in the POST API Token settings.


With the form created and the POST API Token mappings configured, you can now simply copy the form to a new E-Signature Confirmation Page, and link that page to the appropriate E-Signature app:



When a client uploads new files now using the upload form, the users assigned to the lead will receive a popup notification:



The uploaded files can now be accessed on the Attachments tab:




Of course, you are welcome to add your own design to the upload form so that it is consistent with your brand.


For a more complete guide and instructions on configuring your POST API settings please see our article on Uploading Files With POST API.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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